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Nonon asked Mako how to best buddy with Satsuki and Mako gave her some advice… Satsuki is not happy with Nonon’s new side at first (IT’S DEADLY!!) but grew to love it eventually because NONON. To be continued in the OVA.

nah just kidding no SatsuNon scenes in the OVA, poor Nonon has to continue her suffering ;___;

Edit: I've found an audio clip where Nonon shouts "Satsuki-chan" so I made a video…

Reblog here: Tumblr

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I always loved Nonon’s not so hidden affection for Satsuki

Meanwhile, in an alternative universe.
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What if.. This did happen but they never decided to flashback it because there was no need.
No need Trigger studios is not going through all that effort unless the recycle the key frames and do it again with different characters
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This is hilarious, but i think Satsuki is easily strong enough to catch her in mid-air and not get thrown to the Ground :XD:
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Randy's slithering, and rko
10/10 best advice ever!
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Cute and funny. I like it.
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When you see your bae
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Meanwhile in an AU .. :laughing:
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I would swear I've seen a wrestling move like this somewhere...
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That would've been a fun thing to see; parallels between the sisters. XD
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That is one strong neck! D:
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Was this an ova?
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No, just wishful thinking^^
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Had to chuckle. My friend practically does this to me every time we haven't met for a while. Good think I have a low centre of gravity.Sweating a little... 
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---E soooo adorbs!~
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