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Ryuko la Satsuki - I love you (Haruhi-chan parody)


You probably all know this scene from the parody series The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan, it’s one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever seen. So yeah I like doing funny stuff with Satsuki and this is the result :D

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Reblog here: Tumblr

Original scene: Haruhi

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Ryuko: Alright Sis... I Love You.

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That face transformation though
I loved the original and this one too
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Never watched Haruhi (actually I dropped it at the second ep.) but this looks cute. :)
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This is so epic!!Love 
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For some reason, it looks like she just orgasmed.
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Derp at the end?
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dat plz omg xD
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This scene gets me every time....
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me too haha xDD
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Although it would kinda figure Ryuko would love Satsuki considering they're sisters. :P
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oh don't worry she DOES love her, very much so
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I love that moment when Kyon said that. XD
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Me too mother of god I thought I was dreaming when I saw that scene xDDDD I laughed so hard omg xD
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I also like the episode when they were playing puzzles and seeing his clothes explodes when that suit flies across their puzzle board.
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Their smiling shocked faces were the best, yes! And how their clothes were slightly removed in that sparkling manner... Haruhi-chan is just pure gold!
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And also when they tried to be cool like those hosts but ended up failing. XD
You still reading the manga?
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Which manga?
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Haruhi and Kill La Kill.
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I am reading the KlK manga (though Satsuki's hair is really really weird oO) but it seems like the scanlators dropped this since it's still stuck around chapter 5... or am I just too stupid to find more chaps? Haruhi I haven't read though, but I probably should ... because chances for a 3rd season or another movie are near zero ;_______;
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