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Quality Sister Bonding Time

Poor Senketsu.

Based on this gif from Kill la Kill episode 17.

Reblog here: Tumblr

Satsuki is not amused. by h0saki SatsuNon by h0saki Caramelldansen Kill la Kill by h0saki 
Call me Oneechan Ryuko!! by h0saki Purikura of the Kill la Kill Girls by h0saki Satsuki and Ryuko Oktoberfest by h0saki 
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This is hilarious!!!
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Meanwhile behind the scenes...
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I am kill la kill trash right now... ;w;
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Senkestu no amuse.
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Aww cuteness! >w< I love the idea of Ryuko bringing out Satsuki's silly, sweet side. Ryuko is such a sweetheart, she's bound to change her sister after a lifetime of her being cold and warlike for her cause, now over. And Senketsu... ;A; aww
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Don't worry about Senketsu, he will feel better in no time; just like the iron! :P
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Poor Senketsu though...
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Lmao I could imagine them in scene where Mataro and Mako's father and guts are chasing each other around before bedtime except Ryuko and Satsuki are chasing Senketsu telling him it's time to be hung up.
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//cries happily

OMGG this is so cute.. you have no ideaaaa
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You know I really love Satsuki smile and be happy. I don't know why it's just like a huge character development for Satsuki. I also love how they both accepted each other as sisters and they both really love each other. Seeing Satsuki smile at the end of the final episode, that really made me happy and love Satsuki and Ryuko.💗😊
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haha I love it.
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Thanks for the gifs!
Cute. Trigger should produce an OAV showing what life would have been for Satsuki and Ryuko had they grown up together. 
Kind of like the alt universe shown in the last episode of Evangelion.

PS: Can't believe it's been 20 years since Evangelion premiered.....
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I'M ALL IN FOR SUCH AN OVA!!! Or any KlK Ovas really, I'm not picky! I just want to see more of those characters I love so much ;___;
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I don't feel like shooting them anymore
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Why would you feel like shooting them in the first place?! xD
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I have my reasons
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What animation software did you use this is amazing!
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I drew the frames in Paint Tool Sai and animated it with Photoshop^^
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