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Kill la Kill Yuru Yuri Parody

I've seen so many parodies of this scene from Yuru Yuri S2 but no KlK one so I had to make it myself^^ I wanted to draw the deva-guys first but then decided to draw the three who probably love Satsuki the most (in my opinion at least). 

Btw is the third Yuru Yuri season confirmed or not? I've heard rumors that a new season will air this summer and then read that it wasn't entirely sure. I hope it wasn't fake news, I need more Yuru Yuri xD

Reblog here: Tumblr

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That stuffs DANGEROUS.
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It should NOT be this difficult to find a smiling Satsuki!
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its hard to thin that the person with the orange mask thing is a dude at least for me in this pic
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Wow, this is just perfect, the only 2 anime I've actually spent a bunch of time on watching! xD I like it.
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Hohhoh, loved this scene at the series and all its parodies! :)
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sasuki does the thing and say's "I'm the best"
Toldentops's avatar
Omf this-
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---E omg moe satsukiiiiii. this was from yuru yuri? awesome! and there's gonna be a third season?! amazing! 
h0saki's avatar
Well not exactly a third season but an OVA! It will be released late November, I hope a good fansub group will pick it up. CAN'T WAIT! Yuru Yuri is the most underrated moe anime of the past few years damn. 
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---E ajsdgjasf OMG!!! can't wait!! more moe!! :heart: eeeh?! really? it's underrated? But it's awesome!! D8
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really nice  xD
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Well if it makes you feel better there is an OVA coming out soon. 
h0saki's avatar
I know, I'm counting the days :la:
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Is Ryuko's red streak supposed to replace the nosebleed that I think was in the original?
Even if it isn't supposed to be I'm already laughing imagining it oh gads im sorry wwwwwww
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