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Kill la Kill Poka Poka Shiteru dake

What am I doing even...

I’m gonna make a video with this and the poka poka song later, give me a couple of minutes.

UPDATE: Here is the video:…

Reblog here: Tumblr

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Homura Satsuki Clothes Swap by h0saki  
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Ryuko: NEE-CHAN, BA-KA!!!!!

adorably sexy, cute, and bouncy

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The show in a nutshell
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Ryuko: damn it we're related and I called her sister now I feel like an asshat fro trying to kill her :(

Satsuki: she called me sister now I can die and rest in peace :3
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Is there a base on this :o
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Love Ryuko and Satsu-chan make me cry from laughs xDDD
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I've seen this kinda ting aroud the web before...but I don't understand...what is this referencing? what is the joke/?????  ? what is the HHNNNNNNNNNGGGGHHH?!?!??!?!
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Its from Setokai Yakuidomo Opening, Season 1
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Seitokai Yakuindomo*
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can't stop looking at it! Its sooo awesome XD
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Satsuki: she cute when she's angry.

Ryuko: stupid sister, stupid sister, stupid sister!
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ONEE-CHAN IS BAKA BAKA BAKA~! Is what I can picture hearing Ryuuko saying
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thanks to this im want to do a adventure time version of this :)
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yay which characters? 
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i want to do with finn and pb and after change to marceline and pb :)
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This is so adorable.
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That's just cute.
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