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Homura Satsuki Clothes Swap


I love them both ◜ω◝ And I think they are really similar to each other and would make a perfect team. 

Wanted to draw the Life Fiber Override form first but then I realized that Homura has NO BOOBS AT ALL. Even Madoka has more boobs than her, seriously! 

Text me if you are interested in a print or something like that, the original file is big enough for a print.

Reblog here: Tumblr

Makoto Ryuko Clothes Swap by h0saki 
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Ironically, Satsuki shares a English Voice with Mami Tomoe.

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I would like Satsuki's crossover with Ikaruga from Senran Kagura. xD

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Homura better hope she doesn't accidentally activate that thing. 0_0
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Try another one with Satsuki meeting Casca from Berserk since they both have the same English voice actor.
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I LOVE YOU FOR CREATE THIS ;-----; Faint Faint 
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They actually look really good in those outfits. :)
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Homura is awesome, but satsuki looks kinda weird...
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Love this one so much!
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".....we must be related....."
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well they are quite similar to each other so I don't see why not xD
XxHomura-KiryuxX's avatar
( she means by name XD Oc Homura Kiryu Madoka magica Homura akemi)
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I never expected to see them swap clothes that's for sure.
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I was rather surprised that it hasn't been done a long time ago already... there are even Elsa/Satsuki clothes swaps lol
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Same here, but I never would have thought to put them together like this. :) All and all awesome job!
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Satsuki in a magical girl outfit looks normal to me but Homura in Jenketsu looks cool.
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Everyone looks cool in Junketsu Sunglasses are good 
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Something about a girl in a military-esque uniform...
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