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Caramelldansen Kill la Kill

Why hasn't this been done already

Now I need to make these dorks do the poka poka thing… god damn it someone hide my tablet why is animating so fun why is animating so time consuming u__u

UPDATE: I turned this into a video so that you can enjoy it with the music, check it out!

Reblog here: Tumblr

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Satsuki, what in the heck are you doing?

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It's not a official series until Someone does the Caramelldansen.

It's like a right of passage on the internet.

(One that Kill la kill has now passed with flying colors.)

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Normally this will drive people completely NUTS, but in August... Giggle EVIL Laughter! 

Up to the new generation of nutcases! YAY!
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Surprised to see Ryuko totally into this.
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Ryuuko: "Wooooooo!"
Satsuki: *eyes glued to Ryuuko's chest
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Satsuki: "Am I doing this right?"
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I didn't think anyone remembered the Caramelldansen. :|
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Why is satsuki looking at ryuko like that?
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i just watched the vidoe it's soooooo cuteBunny Emoji-01(Excited) [V1] 
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This is amazing! And awesome
Good job, I love these two~! :D
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Caramelldansen gets never old :D
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what is even this thingKill La Kill Icon: Ryuuko 3 
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This is so cute!
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why isn't Mako on this1!??
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Very good! ^_^
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i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is so cute. i love how lady sausake is like 'how do i do it?'
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