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July 19, 2010
Wolf by ~H0lyhandgrenade is a very funny and original take on the classic tale!
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I'm doing March Madness. Which means I have to produce thirty one comic pages this month. A truly foolish endevour. These are the first six pages I did for the first six days, one on each.

Red Riding Hood in the original IS all about sex, and coming of age, and the like... but I doubt people think about that. When it comes to comics it more tends to be "OOH wouldn't it be cool if t he wolf was actually a half naked man but still with ears and shit." So... yeah, I... That's what this is all about. I'm sure you gathered.

I like doing short stories. There should be more done this month I hope.

EDIT: A DD? My word... I never expected this... My first DD ever ;w; Thankyou so much <3
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Amazing art work friend; please feel welcome to ad your amazing works to the new group FairytaleNook- we're small but growing and would love to have some talent like yours added to our folders:love: