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The Vimes BLT

A Terry Pratchett's 'THUD' illustration. One of the rare disputes between Vimes and his wife... I'm really pleased with this picture. And it's the kind of thing that I would do.
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In other words, more B and less L & T...
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something goes wrong...
great work^^
Sybil looks adorable here! I've never had a fixed picture of her in my head, but I do now :)
*Wants a bacon sarnie now*
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wow! very good picture! I like how you drew Vimes - he isn't so old like on the other drawings :clap:
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Awesome picture! I love Sybil. I tried drawing her several times, but failed. Yours is perfect!
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Love it, Sybil looks great. I love when Sam and Sybil act married. XD You should draw that part in Jingo:

Sybil: Do you remember the last time we had dinner together?
Sam: Uh.. Tuesday, wasn't it?
Sybil: That was the Guild of Merchants' annual dinner.
Sam: But.. you were there too, right?
well maybe not stubble. The thing is, he looks a bit young.
Needs a bit more stubble on him.
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XD ah yes. the BLT thing XD
Well, I just began to read terry pratchett and I totally love vimes. your pic is great! well done
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Your Sybil is really lovely. I don't the most of the few Sybil-pictures like I dislike her Charatere in the books, but your Syb is good.
You got Sybil down perfectly. She looks like she's disciplining a naughty child.
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I love this it made me giggle.
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haha, awesome! that one really made me laugh (especially the facial expressions)
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really good drawing!
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"There seemed to be too much lettuce, which was to say, there was some lettuce."

*cackles* Brilliant! I adored that scene. And this picture captures it very nicely. :)
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Hey nice shading !!
Like it =)
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