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June 11, 2016
The Force Awakens by H0lyhandgrenade has a great composition and gorgeous colors.
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The Force Awakens

I really loved this movie :> And I decided to try something a bit different. I hadn't painted in ages, it seems...

This is available as a print!

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You should submit this to
Mango511's avatar
Love the color palette, love the shape ;)
SamWallaceArtisan's avatar
AWW ... she's searching for his heart
FrostAlexis's avatar
I didn't particularly like the movie, but the composition and render of this art is truly stunning!
AlwysbCreative's avatar
This is amazing! Love the idea! -^^-
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NomiDarklighter's avatar
Amazing artwork. Congrats! I love the movie very much.
SallyStinkynuts's avatar
Awesome job!! 👍😃💜
I loved this movie!! ❤
Tysina's avatar
Amazing! Love this so much :)
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DoRunWithScissors's avatar
Amazing! congrats on your DD!
xandraclay's avatar
What a fantastic idea and wonderfully done!
EmirHo3ein's avatar
Great art n nice color Spideypool - Plushie version 2 
BlindHuntress's avatar
Love love love it. the colors are so catching and well blended. 
TakingLiberty's avatar
WOOO! Pilot Poe Dameron Icon 
Great job. Excellent design, I love contrasts! Rey and Kylo; Light and Dark; The warm desert and the cold space. Star Wars BB-8 Thumbs Up Emoticon 
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Iskander1989's avatar
I love this style!
Fractaldragon's avatar
This is very cool. Love the use of silhouette and the way the color flow. Congrats on the DD!
BornWithTheSun's avatar
I love the color transition and the use of Kylo Ren's silhouette as a sort of canvas. It looks like Rey is in Kylo's shadow, which is a really nice piece of symbolism. :) Congrats on the DD!
mea00's avatar
Nice work! Congrats on the DD
KhleoX0's avatar
Wow! Beautiful and visual! QWQ
GenkiPuck42's avatar
Lovely composition! Congratulations! :D
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