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I have reincarnated and refreshed here:

So, add that if you missed me. It's not quite the same, but it's what I do now. Things have changed, dammit!

Anyway, I'll see you on the other side.
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1) I'm thinking of quitting dA, since I'm not getting any criticism or views. Kovulwa has had next to no reads. I know people are busy, but come on.

2) I've made a bandspace, and it's just me, so far. I have 3 instrumentals up, as well as "Shining Sky" - the intermission part before it.

That is all.
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As I'm giving myself a strict "No Other Updates Besides Kovulwa" policy so that I make sure I finish it all, I haven't uploaded any of the new stuff I've written. So here's the report:

Beverly (Instrumental) (Working Title)
The Future (Prose)
The Deal is Struck (Kovulwa)
Spring (Instrumental)
Waiting Alone in the Dark (Song)
Sincerely Forever (Song)

Fliers and Fire (Cancelled)
Back in the Sky (40 %)

A Narrow Wall (100%) (Not uploaded)
And What a Price to Pay (40%)

Not a whole lot, I know, but whatever. So, I should have Deal/Chord up by tomorrow.

I'd also like to take this time to tell you that Andrew Bird is amazing and you should all listen to his music. That is all.

April 21 Update: Kovulwa's new chapter is taking longer then expected, but should be up by tomorrow. The Future is a story I wrote based on a nightmare I had. Will be up when Kovulwa is over.

April 22 Update: dA totally screwed me over, and one of my Kovulwa chapters that I was in the process of uploading got deleted. So I'm feeling discouraged, and will continue when I don't feel so angry at dA.

April 26 Update: I got the newest Kovulwa chapter up, and half of the next one finished. I also finished writing a few other things, which I hope meet the approval of you fellows when they are put up. Hope to see some of you reading Kovulwa some more.

May 1st Update: Back from the Tool concert in Reno. It was amazing. They played Lateralus live, which was all I really wanted to see. Though the played a bunch of my other favorites as well. New Kovulwa chapter hopefully up by tonight.

May 12th Update: New Kovulwa chapter up. Oh, and VERY IMPORTANT: I have a recording program on my computer now. So, if any of you would like to request a song for me to record out of my gallery, I would gladly do so, then e-mail the file to you. I'm quite excited.
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Tell me truthfully... Do any of you care about the Kovulwa series?

'Cause to be honest, it's my favorite prose thing that I've done, but it's been completely ignored. So, if you guys don't care, I'll take them down and continue with business as usual. It's just a waste of my time if no one cares, since it's already written on my computer.

I just thought, *sniff* someone might like it...


Edit: Thanks for the responses, Kovulwa stays.
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Alright, so for Easter, I've given you a present. That's right, I put up 2 new chapters to the Kovulwa series! Which I know all of you have been written. I know my prose has been kinda shite in the past, but I'm quite proud of this series. It's actually complete and it doesn't suck. So that's  two steps up.

Anyway, Happy Easter, and for you Christians (like me) He is Risen, Amen!
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Finally, I went through my 560+ deviations. Mostly just crap from the UnseenArtists. Only about 70 deviations that were actually worth looking at. So it wasn't that hard. But oh well.

So, you might have noticed comments. Good for you.
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I've no idea what I'm doing any more. I figure I'll bump around here for a little while more, but quite honestly, I feel like I'm in a full stop place. And I really shouldn't feel that way. Which shows how much more control the heart has instead of the brain. I mean, I ordered my new guitar and hard case, paid for it, have enough money for a little something extra, and I'm doing almost fine in my schoolwork. But my heart's been feeling heavy. Or not heavy. I'd venture to say, that it's rather too light, not heavy. Heavy would mean that I have no one and feel sad, when instead I just miss the one who isn't here. But she's coming tomorrow. Actually, she said maybe she'll come tomorrow, but I want it so much to be true that it is. So that's what I'm doing.

As for deviations, I've been pretty up on things for a while. I just submitted something yesterday, which means I'm in the clear for a few days I think. But, as always, the ideas are swimming and I'm fishing.

Got some new music. My brother-in-law (bless his soul) gave me a CD including most of his Beatles/Rolling Stones collection. Which is good. I love the Beatles more then I thought. But that was just to hold me over until my actual birthday. On which, he gave me a new Jimi Hendrix T-shirt and the "Best of Jimi" CD. I'm quite happy.
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It's my birthday today. The big 1-5, they tell me. Meh, I feel the same as I did last year... oh well. Happy birthday to me, and I hope I make it to 16.
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So, I must be some sort of psychic. 'Cause this morning, I was thinking that I'd really like to mini golf today. Without saying anything to anybody, I continued on with my day. A few hours later, my dad comes out of the back asking if I'd like to mini golf. It was weird. But yea, I'm going mini golfing today. :D

Oh, and best surprise of all: I get to see Tool live on the 30th of April! :boogie:

Birthday surprise. 'Cause it's my birthday on the 13th of March. Which is awesome. I've already got $100 dollars saved towards my new Les Paul that I want to buy. So... yea. Submissions are a bit slow with me, I think. I feel my last one was kind of... crap. But I still like the riff I made for it. I'm playing around with some lyrics, so I should have something up by the end of next week. Until next time...
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Last night I went to a Burden Brothers concert. It was abso-fucking-lutely amazing. Plus I discovered a local band that I am now in love with. From the town of Sacramento, come Headrush, the best local band I've ever witnessed. They're working on a CD, "The Weight of the Water" which I will buy.

Check them out here if you ever get the chance. And don't forget to buy Mercy by the Burden Brothers. So fucking awesome.

So, right, I couldn't hear or speak for a few hours, but when I woke up I was feeling fine. Oh! I got to talk with Vaden Todd Lewis (lead singer of the Burden Brothers and formerly of the Toadies)! And Taz Bentley (drummer for the Burden Brothers and formerly of the Reverend Horton Heat). Taz played a 15 minute drum solo that was fucking crazy! Oh, and I talked to Casey Hess (co-guitarist of the Burden Brothers) and he gave me some advice about playing guitar and he complimented me on my intense headbanging. :D

Best day ever.
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Right. Valentine's day. Time for me to sit at home, play video games, develop an odor and have no obligations whatsoever!


In other words, "Be a lonely jackass." But I get sad when I think of it that way. New deviations in the works. Should have 'em up... when I get the chance.

Anyway, I'll see you later you sons-of-fucks. (Littlefish by Toadies has the best lines)
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Well, I'm going to be gone for a few days. Winter Camp is going to be fun. I think. Though snow has never been my favorite object. So I'll be back around 1-3 PM on Sunday. So I won't be gone long, really.

On another note, I must say thanks to those of you who put up with my recent style of writing. I enjoyed writing that way, although it made it so much harder to make a proper deviation description.

Ah, and that reminds me, I thank you for the recent favorites, as well.
They are much appreciated. And for those of you who are wondering, yea, I'll probably finish writing "The Last Train Out" when I get back. And my dreams don't come in convenient sections, (thank you, Sporenza) I just needed a way to write it that wasn't disjointed and blurry as my dreams are wont to be.

Right, well it's time for me to go to the snow. See you all in three days.
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I heard him. I don't know what it was, but he had a sadness about him. I tried talking to him, but he waved it off as if everything was fine. And for him, I'm sure it was. He moved fluidly around his room, nervously tidying up, as I've learned he is wont to do when he has visitors. It was hard for me to get used to him with his short hair. Something about it just didn't sit right.

It was when he was happy with his tidying that he grabbed his guitar and plugged it in. I knew he had been banned from it, but it was a forbidden love, as cliche as that may sound. He started playing something, and I was so enamored. I started to think about all the love I'd experienced. But before I had started it was over.

"D'you like it?" he asked tentatively.

"Yea, that was beautiful! But much too short." I said, trying to sound as if I hadn't just experienced something wonderful.

"I'm still thinking of a name. Something mourning, like "Tears of Lunos" or "Moon's Tears", you know?" he said, with a brightness in his eyes. He seemed quite proud.

"Those seem to fit. You'll probably have to play around with it for a little while." I said, eager to give my input.

"Well, it's only half as long as I want it. I'm just conflicted, ya know, I want to be able to remember what I did, but at the same time, I know I do it too spontaneously, and I don't want to take that away from it." he stared down at the guitar, his eyes once again filling with his familiar brightness.

"Anyway," he continued. "Thanks for stopping by. Yea, I know I've been acting weird, it's just stuff piling up. I'll handle it fine, don't worry."

And with that, I exited his house and I immediately heard him continue playing. Damn guitar is like a third arm to the kid.
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Bah. I had no idea what he was talking about. Incessant rambling, obviously. And he went on for paragraphs as well. I just don't think anything has hit him in a long while, physical or mental. I would appreciate either, about now. At least then, he'd stop talking.

But it seems he went through a rough patch. Some writings got sucked into the vacuum of deletion by careless hands, and he is most upset. So upset, that he has kept his page open for the past week waiting for the same inspiration to strike again. But I think someone ought to let him know that lightning never strikes twice in the same spot, and lightning and inspiration are good friends.

And then there's her. He won't stop talking about her. And it'd be easier to understand him if it was just one her. But it's every her. Every one he's ever looked at with a feeling of compassion and love whom he wasn't already related to. Since we already knew that he doesn't feel so great about his family.

Though if you asked him nowadays, he'd probably say that relations were good. The 'rents weren't in his face as much, though his work is becoming mindless and completely tedious. Even I reach out for him there. His bosses seem to be the most idiotic people one could ever work for, and he just can't wait until the last day of the month when he can finally be freed of his torment.

His thoughts wander to her again. But not the all-encompassing her, this time it was just one. It was her birthday today, and he felt a bit left-out as her new friends seemed to take control. But he was never left out. She always took time out of her own day to stay and talk with him, and he appreciates it. He just wished those moments weren't so goddamn short.
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It's a shame. I really haven't written in so long. In fact, I'm beginning to wonder if I can still write at all. I guess this is sort of a test for me. I don't expect any sort of praise for this journey I plan on going on, but the people around me have convinced me that I need this. Not with words, but with actions they suppressed my other desires. Such lazy desires.

I think the key to this walk I'm going on is to go as freely as I can. I can't stick to the road, otherwise I'll simply discover what everyone else has already discovered. I can't keep in my anticipation, as I really want to continue this. But this is a day by day journey, and I must keep my wits about me, lest I dig myself too deep into the metaphors and similes of it all, and just relate myself.

I suppose I have to keep these bouncing off of each other, as if they have something to do with each other. Like one key may open the door to the next one.

But I have so much other things to attend to...Though I suppose I could spare a few minutes to read about a madman, as long as it doesn't distract.

So he lays out puzzles, they say. These voices I've been attending to, they tell me I've been on the wrong track. I didn't even know I was on a track. Man those voices get to me. They act so impersonal. As if I'd known them.

Well, today's been interesting. But I think tomorrow may be even weirder. I'll just have to check and see when the time comes. For now, I think it's time to sleep.
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Well, I was browsing and came back to my home-dA-page, and I noticed I had 3K page views. I guess I wasn't really paying attention for a count-off or anything, but hey, I'm growing.

So thanks for another thousand views. Also, I'll be getting to the submitting soon enough, been in a writing slump lately which I think I'm about to pull out of.

Also, here's a picture of me holding my new nephew:…

Covet his awesomeness.
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So...New Year's Eve wasn't good. Instead of spending the time I wanted with those people I used to call friends, I'm at my mom's friend's house, typing this. All I can seem to do is play/sing "Wish You Were Here" while I mourn my lost night. I may give the details of this shit-night later...but right now I don't feel up to it. I'm just really, really pissed-off. But I did come up with my first New Year's resolution, which is that I'm never going back to that house ever again.
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So, it's New Year's Eve-Day. About 11 hours and 35 minutes until 2007, and I thought I'd drop by DA and say something neat. Unfortunately, I don't really have anything neat to say.

I know I've been lax in my writing lately, but on Jan 1st I'll submit something. I've got plenty of ideas, and definitely full to the brim on inspiration. An odd combination of the "Satriani LIVE!" DVD, "Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd" CD, and the new CD "Good Monsters" by Jars of Clay have lead to some cool ideas that should be spewing out of my pie-hole in the new year.

It's been a year since I joined dA since...I don't know, a couple days ago. Also, since 5 days ago, I've been playing guitar for a year. So I guess that made this a good year. Thanks you guys, for a year of putting up with me, and let's hope I can keep this up for 'til 2008.

See you next year.
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Yea. It's Christmas Eve, and I just got better after 3 days with a bad cold. I decided it's about time I gave out my Christmas wishes, and by this of course I mean thanks for the support, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and screw off 'cause I'm probably not going to submit anything else until January and the holiday theme is dried up. Cause let's face it. If I submitted something now that was brilliantly written but had nothing to do with Christmas/New Year, then I'd get a few comments. So no.

So Merry Christmas. And all that good junk.
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So, if you've read my "Drumroll Please" Journal, then here's a few names I'd like to mention, because you know it's Christmas, which means it's been a year since I joined dA.

1. :iconuniesque: - The Recruiter

Ok, not technically. But I did join after seeing her dA. So a thanks to her is in order, otherwise I would not have discovered the abilities within myself I have today.

2. :iconsillysnowfox: - The Encourager

A regular Barnabas. Ever since he began to watch me, he's always been encouraging in his comments, and it's kept my head high as I continue to write. Thank you, sir.

3. :iconsporenza: - The Jester

I believe the time is ripe for me to poke fun at one of my closest dA friends. Being a man made almost completely out of dry wit and stunning imagery, he has always been able to give his comments and critiques with utmost honesty, even if it is sticky from being dripped with sarcasm.

P.S: If you have a glass of water, your wit won't be so dry...

4. :iconmyfakesmile: - The Sister

Well, I dis my sister a lot, but when it comes down to it, she helps keep me above water. Even if she does push me under ever now and then. I still have some tire tracks from being thrown under the bus so many times, but we'll leave that alone for now...

5. :iconarctoa: - The GWGPITFWMILLMT

Hahahahahahahahahaha.....oh...good times...good times. Thank you, arctoa. I'm not sure what you did, but you certainly did it.

6. :iconupsidedown-insideout: - The Speaker

I knew from the minute she first double-posted a gigantic critique that I would be better off in her company. She doesn't hold back when she's got something to say, and it's good to heed her advice.

It's also good to remember her gender...

7. :iconamifire: - The Friend

I thank her for always being able to use cute anime-style text smilies even when full animated emoticons are at her disposal. Without her...I'd be less perky.

8. :iconfaerietopia: - The Faithful

A friend of mine who has been so since near the very beginning. She's always been able to write eloquent prose, and help me with my not-so-eloquent lyrics/poems/prose. And always offering to help is also a plus.

9. :iconbitterrose6-gumitch: - The Talented

I seemed to have forgot this in my original post for this journal. But she is a talented painter/photographer/model who never fails to capture her current emotions. She even helped me with a few lines on a song.


So these are the people who deserve an extra thanks. You there sitting in your chair wondering why I didn't mention you, don't, cause I am right now. A thanks to all my other devWatchers who have faithfully read my works and left helpful comments to help me better myself, and those who stay quiet, but still view it. Yea, even you.

P.S: I favor those who fav my work...

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