Yuletide Outlook

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Published: December 25, 2005
Deck the halls with your shame,
Show how insecure you are,
The perfect Christmas gift,
It's a forgotten peice of material,
That will stay on the Earth when you leave it.

What will the Christmas spirit say?
He'll laugh at your shallowness,
To get and never give, thats your spirit,
O come all ye faithful,
To buy the next big thing.

Oh God, when will it end?
When will you take the Christmas away,
Replace it with what really happened,
While the virgin gave birth to God,
The virgin selfishness gave birth to a monster.

Commercialism took its form,
Gave its own teachings, about its virgin mother,
What happened to the spirit of Christmas?
It was eaten by the monster.

God will take this no more,
Sooner or later, it will all die,
And your soul will be left,
And it will be as black as the night sky,
Just get rid of the wrapping,  the tree and the tinsel,

Expose your Christmas for what you want: the presents.
And do not regret this, for it was your own decision.
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this is the Christmas poem i wrote. DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED! it is in the same style as "The Wedding"
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Good work, and I know exactly what you mean
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well, not alot of people do. thank you.
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CubsEGirl Writer
Looks like you really got into the spirit of Christmas :no: *tisk tisk*
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O don't worry, i preached to my church this morning, and I'm only 13! that was nervewracking, but i felt great afterward. I had a fine Christmas.
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CubsEGirl Writer
That's cool. I was in play for the Christmas Eve service and then I was accolite at the Christmas morning service.
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cool, you're your own celebrity then.
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Sporenza Writer
Very intense. You're obviously very passionate on the subject.
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human nature and behavior is always interesting, and really annoys me sometimes.
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Sporenza Writer
I hear ya buddy. Humans suck the vast majority of the time
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The minority when humans don't suck is all too...thinned out, if you know what i mean. I would just like to see one honest Christmas in my lifetime, where people aren't being nice out of shame and insecurity.
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