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Part 1, The beginning,
But what beginning?
I came from a womb,
Was that my beginning?
Or was the beginning
When I was first planned,
By that ageless Creator,
He who controlls the stars,
But also my fate.
And what is my plan?
I call, but He doesn't answer.
He is waiting....
Waiting for the sinners,
The ones who foolishly ignore,
He is waiting for their repetance.
But I repent, why not tell me only?
But such secrets would torment me,
Yet, I cannot ignore my own bowels,
The curiosity which boils and brims,
Above the cauldron of my mind,
But if I know, I risk my own destruction,
Yet it calls me so hauntingly.
Can I ignore it more?
Yes, I must, for it is not my end,
This is my beginning,
Curiosity, Ignorance, and Pain.
This is our beginning,
Sin, Repentance, and more Sin.
So repetitive, yet I continue,
Why me? It's more then me.
Then I know, my whole future,
My whole beginning,
It's all more then me.
Then what will happen this time?
Am I not just another life?
Every life is precious,
And they are all so big,
But what difference do I make?
The fact that I am me,
Is all the difference there is.
This is my beginning.
Part 1 out of a 3 part poem that is currently in progress. Enjoy my fans.

Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
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January 4, 2006
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