The Midnight Hourglass

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Published: January 3, 2006
Oh, sands of time!
Can't you fall faster?
My brain is pounding,
As your dark sands ignore me,
The sands as dark as that night,
That which I stare at through my window,
But why must this be so?
There are yellow sands as well.
They represent the stars,
For you are the hourglass,
That which represents time,
But not all time is in good measure,
And the night's hideous spells stretch it,
It's much longer then it should be.
Can't you stop this?
Oh, sands of time!
You are not in control,
And the night has you,
You are whatever time commands,
And the time is night,
Oh, shadows do not succumb!
You, oh, sands of time,
Are failing, and to whom?
The dark succubus that is night,
And falling am I,
Through dark corridors,
But the sleep has not come,
Yet the dreams have already begun.
As my closet door slowly opens,
I know it is not so,
The knife glistens in the moonlight,
That which drizzles through the filter of my window,
But I know it is not so,
Oh, sands of time!
Please relieve me of this,
This sleepless dream,
Oh, but it will not end,
Not until the sands,
Oh, the sands,
Of the Midnight hourglass,
Are all gone.
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let the insomniac poem begin!
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wheee. scary night, love em but hate em.
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Indeed, can't write with them, can't write without them....in my case.
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I've had nights like that.
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they are torturous....but i made it through the night, so everything's okay, i suppose....hey, why is my closet door opening?
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all joking aside, thanks for the comment, my night terrors are simply inspiration channeled from reading too much H.P.Lovecraft, then its channeled into my poetry, so it doesn't bug me.
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why thank you.
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