Staring Into Abyss

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Published: January 4, 2006
What long hours I spend,
What days have I wasted,
Staring, staring, into this abyss.

Inside my mind, it's all black,
Inside my mind, it's all night,
Whilst I stare, stare into this abyss.

But lo! What have I come across?
But lo! What curse have I awakened?
When staring, staring into this abyss.

Without my thoughts, I continue,
Without my free will, I continue,
Staring, staring into this abyss.

Laughter I hear, that tears at my bones,
Laughter I hear, discordant and insane,
Whilst I stare, stare into this abyss.

What black monster I must've stirred!
What black monster is listening,
When staring, staring into this abyss,

Darkness chokes,
Darkness forgives not,
Darkness takes over,
Darkness is peril,
If you stare, stare into this abyss,
The darkness of this abyss, will stare back.
© 2006 - 2019 H-P-Lovecraft
A poem I devised focused and inspired solely on this line:

"One should be careful when dealing with monsters that one doesn't become a monster oneself. And when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes back."
- Nietzsche

^above provided by 's journal. Thank you for this, Sporenza!
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you are so good with making simple things, something great!
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that is sometimes very hard, but mostly very fun. Did you hear about the man who wrote an excellent poem that was about a plastic bag? It happens.
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wow, this is really good! All from one little line? wow...
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Inspirations come from everywhere, taking a shower, sleeping, dreaming, reading, observing, all these have a hand in my poems.
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Sporenza Writer
You know, your work is really like (the original) Lovecraft. It's dark, and mysterious and relies a lot on your imagination to make it scary. Hmm...Nietzsche...you have great taste in quotes hahaha.
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Heh, well your journal quote was where I got the inspiration. It's a good quote. I'm actually reading alot of Lovecraft lately, broadening my private Lovecraft world. Rats in the Walls is my new personal favorite.
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is this a warning to us other HPLovecraft (the author i mean) fans, did he drive you crazy? (image a silly voice inflection because you can't hear me) but this is nothing to mock. back to that famous rhythm that i love.
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yes, indeed. It's my rhythm, homebred and released into the world. Lovecraft didn't drive me crazy...he simply helped me breed my style. It's very evident.
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