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What a Price to Pay
The Observer has long been a part of Kovulwa's running. Though none of the inhabitants would openly admit it, the Observer kept the whole continent running. Ever since he was a part of the Brotherhood of Spirits, he's always made sure his continent never fell out of line. Unfortunately for the people of Kovulwa, something was falling way out of line. He'd been receiving complaints for some time now that the Spiriter had been coming up short on sacrifices. Truth was, none of the spirits had eaten for quite a while. The only one that got close was the SubSpirit Omnighost, who ended up losing his catch to... Gorigan. The Observer winced slight
The Narrow Wall _Kovulwa_
Kylla woke up disoriented and afraid. She found herself looking around the room frantically, worrying of some gray light. She felt itchy, uncomfortable, agitated, and hot. She sat up on the bed and rubbed her head in her hands, trying to remember why she had been so afraid. "Bah, it's no use." She told herself quietly, and in a fit to forget her fear, she stood up and walked around for a fair bit. When she had calmed down, she tried to return to bed, only to find that it was moist with her sweat. "Damn brilliant." She swore, and took of the meager sheets and laid them over a chair sitting in the corner nearest the orange lamp. Finding hers
The Deal is Struck _Kovulwa_
It was a dark night, and one that was far, far away from Kylla and her worries. On this night, a gray light shone deep and bright down into a small crevice of Kovulwa's landscape. There are five main cities in Kovulwa's proverbial hub, one for each direction, then the middle. In between these cities are small, self-governing towns that are of nearly no importance. Only a few of these small towns are marked on maps. If you were to look carefully at an extremely recent map, it would read in small letters next to this blot of a town "Pollok". Pollok was smaller then most towns dotting the fringes of the cities, and was located just north of Jar
The Dream _Kovulwa_
Come find me where the dead bones lie, Lying awake in the dead of night, Asleep but never fully gone, I'll wait for you until the dawn. Come find me where I can't see the sky, Lost away somewhere you can't find, Asleep but never fully gone, I'll wait for you until the dawn. This mourning, good morning, You won't find me here. Come search afar, Come search near. Mourning, Oh, morning, I had hoped you'd arrive, It's been so long, Must've been five. Come find me where the sun hits horizon, In depths and caves, keep myself safe from prying, Eyes, eyes, no one can see me, Come find me, oh, come find me. Come look towards the no
A Well-Needed Hero _Kovulwa_
Kylla watched Kalem clutch his stomach in agony, unable to get up after the swift punch was dealt. She was still frozen, but her mind was working frantically trying to figure out why it was thus. She wanted to run, fight, and rescue Kalem all at the same time, but her body remained stiff. She thought she heard a voice that was whispered in the desert sky and yet boomed across it at the same time. It was saying, "Let it begin." At first she thought it was her panicked imagination, then she realized the Omnighost was staring up at the sky with his one, red eye. It flickered white for a moment and then it brought its gaze back to earth, and spec
The Omnighost _Kovulwa_
Thunder rumbled in the sky, heard from a storm that was apparently invisible. Kylla occasionally caught glimpses of lightning flickering up in the quickly darkening sky, but it was fair to say this wasn't where her attention was being spent. In short, the insane servant, Kalem, and his dark master, the Omnighost, won out over crazy weather. "Desert-mouse," The Omnighost whispered, though Kylla could hear the voice booming inside her head. It was dark and insidious. "You have done well, bringing the Midnighter here. I expected no less. Rise." Kalem brought himself up from his bow and smiled fervently. "No praise necessary, O Voice of the Des
The Betrayer _Kovulwa_
"We're here! Breathe in the air, feel the swee' scen' of the deser', 'cause you won' be back forawhile!" Kalem shouted. "Tchya, right. I don't want to remember this place, not the smell, the feel, nothing." Kylla spoke bitterly. "Not jus' the deser', love. I mean' life." Kalem said putting emphasis on the last words. "What do you mean? Aren't you taking me out of here?" Kalem's words could've made even the suavest hero worry. "No, I've taken you where you need t' be." Kalem said, cheerily. "It's him who'll ge' you ou' of here." With that, he pointed towards a lone cactus a few feet away. He muttered a few words under his breath and the ai
A Trip _Kovulwa_
After at least an hour of wandering seemingly aimlessly through the desert, Kylla had lost all her faith in Kalem. She was sure he was a nice lad and all, but he clearly wasn't right in the head. After all, if he wasn't crazy, then he was just jacking with her this whole time. And that meant she'd have to kill him for the waste. After finally deciding she would kill him now, he turned around and uttered a cheery, "Almos' there now, can' be no more then a few yards." She gloomily hung her head and trudged onward. He had said that a total of 5 times on their way to wherever it is they were going. From what she could tell, they hadn't actually
Veiled in Sand _Kovulwa_
Much to the disdain of Kylla, the Feral Desert was neither a friendly place, nor a colorful one. The skies and sands were both gray, though differing in shade. This sometimes caused her vision to blur, and she'd end up on the ground, dazed. And the certain breeds of monsters that the land bred were even worse. On a scale from harmless to harmful, there were the pale lizards that crept under rocks and ate sand and tiny bugs, the sand crabs which were safe alone; but in swarms; dangerous, there were the vultures, and the ever present Omnighost. The many in between are too weird to even begin describing. Kylla picked herself up, having once aga
Kovulwa is a dark place. With forests to the south, thick swamps to the east, deserts to the west, and the towering mountains in the north. The middle bears the only hospitable spit of land on the entire continent. Though hospitable is hardly the word for it. A day spent with thieves, muggers, and ruthless barbarians is not a safe one. There is only one haven in all of Kovulwa, and no human is allowed to enter it. It is the land of Jarallas, floating above the center of the continent like a heaven near earth. Few know what lies beyond it's dark blue gates, and few have even seen those dark blue gates themselves. But in the west, where demons
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After The Rain
After the Rain I've never had a beating heart, I've never had a soul, I've never felt the warmness of flesh, I've never been whole. I've never seen a loving moment, No one's ever shown me love, I've never looked inside myself, And found that which is spoken of. Only in dreams can it be caressed, And dreams, I have not. Only in hopes can it be seen, And see, I cannot. But as I lay, a rotting corpse, I soon realize my mistake, For dreams have kept me alive, And hoping is all I can take. The rain is coming; O, how it comes, Thunder and lightning pounding At my deceased ear drums. No longer can I take this, No longer can I w
Cain: Rise To Evil
Chapter 1: The Room Beyond Cain readied his sword. The jeweled hilt glimmered in the light of the torches, which glowed an eerie blue as he walked by. The dungeon walls themselves seemed to sneer at him and try to throw him off, but he knew he had to concentrate ahead and not on the voices in his head. He finally reached the end of the hall and looked at the door. It wasn't like the ordinary wooden swing-open doors that you usually see. It had strange drawings of intricate swirling lines that would form at one point to make a river and disconnect at another point to make two trees. And stranger still was the method of opening it. It had n
'Screaming Skull'
As I lay my head down, I hope i won't see, Another entity of insanity. I hope in vain, he does not come tonight he bears no wings, yet he takes flight, He is not permitted, but he bears the Scythe, As I lay my head down, It grows very cold, And their appears a skull, archaic and old. I hope in vain he leaves me now, he has the souls of the lost, i don't know how, He is the Reaper's Right hand, and he won't cease now. As I lay my head down, I know his true mission, He wants my sanity, 'tis his intention. I hope in vain he will not scream, the souls of the lost are to be set free, my weary mind can't take this, i can't even rea
The Anatomy of Love
Inside a dark cavern, Inside a mind, There is only one thing, That you may find. A skull, the head, Where it all starts Where emotions are bred, And where there are hearts Down further, the ribs, The casings to protect, They cage in the one heart, That beats harder then the rest. To the Left and right, What else should we find? But the arms, the antennaes, that feel for emotion. They search in vain, however, they may find one kind Of love that suits them and their mission. At the bottom, there exists the legs, The movers, the ones that walk and run, When love is found, they become crazed, They wish to find faster the only
The Ever-Constant Halo
What is going on? Why won't anyone tell me? No one speaks my language, I am ever-ignored. Why won't they turn? Why don't they acknowledge? No one hears my screams, I am ever-deafened. Who is this who looks? Who is this who notices? He is dressed in black robes, I am ever-awed. Why does he draw so near to me? Why does it grow so cold? He is pressing his fingers on my neck, I am ever-frozen. Why does he laugh at me? Why does he mock me? He is trying to kill me, I am ever-breathless. Why is he stopping? How come he draws back in fear? He cannot touch me at all, I wear the ever-constant halo. Don't fear night monsters, Do
Atro City
Welcome to Atro City, Though a welcome you won't recieve, We hate you here, like everywhere, Through bounds you can't conceive. Once was a place loved by all, But no one cares anymore, I don't care if you stay or leave, Because no one needs you anymore. Do you feel lost? Our help is to be disbanded, We don't care if you never find away, We really hope your stranded. Need some help? Well you won't get it, This is Atro City, When no one helps or cares at all, its an atrocity.
'The Desolate Hour'
What happened in that basement, I rather hope I forget, or at least I hope I may perish soon so that I no longer have to endure the constant mind rattling images that appear in my mind when the night is dark and the clock strikes 12.     It's true that I never thought that when I got the call from Arthur, I would end up seeing a clock that would house so much evil, or that I would have to watch my dear friend Arthur Cremwell get dragged away to a world unlike our own. A world that is home to the vilest of evils, and even Satan may feel the slightest tinge of remorse when he thinks upon the clock that he endowed with his own power and a porta
Please Remember
If the rain is beating so hard, And you can hardly hear your own thoughts, Don't forget me, Please remember. If you find yourself out in the cold, Because your family thinks your not old Enough to be With your own Family, Don't forget me, Please remember. If the baby is soon on the way, And your worried about the future, Don't forget me, Please remember. If the situations growing dim, And you just can't turn back to Him, Don't forget me, Please remember.
Oh, The Morn Is Not Yet Here
Be still my pulsing soul, You must find a way to sleep, For the moon is slowly rising, Oh, the morn is not yet here, My heart, don't disown me, Think of her a different time, For the moon is shining high, Oh, the morn is not yet here, My head, don't cast these images In front of me a moment longer, For the moon is casting deadly shadows, Oh, the morn is not yet here, My body, O what secrets are hidden, Deep inside, I cannot sleep, For the moon is slowly sinking, Oh, the morn is not yet here, And just when the demons arrive, They are haunting me so, But the sun is slowly rising, Oh, the morn is finally here.
The Wedding
Drink steadily and swiftly the wine of a bonding, Which flows so eagerly from the fountain of ill will, What true purpose for this day? What will tomorrow bring? What was once for love is now for drunken lust, Its just another pain, Its not out of love, but a lonely; lustful soul, The food is exquisite and we can masquerade, For just a day we celebrate with the warped ceremony, What was once for love, is now for hate, Why do we love to torture our own kin? I look not at myself, but into the souls of the wedded, Those that would say "I do" one moment, Then tomorrow stand at the podium of separation, That which lies within the cou
The Bouncer Part Deux
Raygun Jack
Diet Cola
Born of Imagination
Good Idea at the Time
The Dance of Dragons
The dull breeze swept through the stone corridor, its echo sending shivers down my spine. I forced myself to keep still. The wailing of ghouls would not break my concentration now. Brandon's eyes were as ice. They ceaselessly burned into mine, reading me as only the great warriors could read their enemies. The heat bore down upon us relentlessly. For a moment, I grinned. It was odd that despite everything, once again I was to come face to face with this man. I had risked drowning to escape him. I had battled vampires and faced death by burning. There is an irony in the will of the gods. I wondered if this was a punishment for my neglect to th
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Kovulwa is a dark place. With forests to the south, thick swamps to the east, deserts to the west, and the towering mountains in the north. The middle bears the only hospitable spit of land on the entire continent. Though hospitable is hardly the word for it. A day spent with thieves, muggers, and ruthless barbarians is not a safe one. There is only one haven in all of Kovulwa, and no human is allowed to enter it. It is the land of Jarallas, floating above the center of the continent like a heaven near earth. Few know what lies beyond it's dark blue gates, and few have even seen those dark blue gates themselves. But in the west, where demons
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I have reincarnated and refreshed here: http://voltanechoes.deviantart.com/ So, add that if you missed me. It's not quite the same, but it's what I do now. Things have changed, dammit! Anyway, I'll see you on the other side.
Fuckin' Important
1) I'm thinking of quitting dA, since I'm not getting any criticism or views. Kovulwa has had next to no reads. I know people are busy, but come on. 2) I've made a bandspace, and it's just me, so far. I have 3 instrumentals up, as well as "Shining Sky" - the intermission part before it. www.myspace.com/bandgeekmckay That is all.
Status Report
As I'm giving myself a strict "No Other Updates Besides Kovulwa" policy so that I make sure I finish it all, I haven't uploaded any of the new stuff I've written. So here's the report: Finished: Beverly (Instrumental) (Working Title) The Future (Prose) The Deal is Struck (Kovulwa) Spring (Instrumental) Waiting Alone in the Dark (Song) Sincerely Forever (Song) Works-In-Progress: Fliers and Fire (Cancelled) Back in the Sky (40 %) Kovulwa: A Narrow Wall (100%) (Not uploaded) And What a Price to Pay (40%) Not a whole lot, I know, but whatever. So, I should have Deal/Chord up by tomorrow. I'd also like to take this time to tell you


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