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Pick your favorite HP ship/pairing. Now, picture those two lovebirds on their first date.
How did they get to this point? Are they nervous? What will they say to each other? Will there be a happily ever after?
Your job is to write a story, at least 1,000 words long, that tells what happens on this first date. Any same-generation pairing is welcome.

All stories must feature, in any order:
:bulletred: A trip to the hospital wing or St. Mungo's
:bulletblue: A Muggle car
:bulletgreen: A magical photograph of one (or both) of the two characters on the date

Be creative! Extra credit for unique use of those requirements! All entries are due by April 20!

1st - A llama badge, a spot for your story in our gallery's Featured folder and a 3-month Premium Membership
2nd - A llama badge and a spot for your story in our gallery's Featured folder and a 1-month Premium Membership
3rd - A llama badge and a spot for your story in our gallery's Featured folder

Again, all entries are due by April 20. Good luck to you all!

RebeccaRipple, admin

P.S. Check out my brand new HP Fanfic site! If you like it, please join and post your stories there! :D
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Rules and Notes

Please read and respect these rules. By joining this group, you are agreeing to them. If you joined before this was posted, you are also bound by them for as long as you're here.

:bulletred:All members and staff must treat all other members and staff with respect and patience. Flaming other artists' work, or engaging in other inherently insulting behavior, will result in expulsion from the group.

:bulletyellow:We only accept fanart that is directly related to a Harry Potter fanfiction, and says so in the description and includes a link to the fanfiction. For now, the related fanfiction doesn't have to be submitted to the group at the time you submit your fanart, but please keep in mind that this community is centered on HP fanfiction, hence its name. There are plenty of HP fanart groups on deviantART. This isn't intended to be one of them.

:bulletblue:If you do submit visual art that adheres to Rule 2, only art that is 100% yours will be allowed in our gallery. Illustrating a scene from someone else's fanfiction is okay, but manipulating art that you didn't create (such as movie stills and official HP book illustrations) is unacceptable.

:bulletgreen:When you join, you will be accepted automatically. You don't have to add a message, and if you do, it might not be seen, so it's probably better not to.

:bulletred:Please have someone proofread your written works before submitting them. It's important to make your stories, poetry, etc. easy enough for others to read. For example, stories consisting of ‘chatspeak’ will NEVER be accepted into our galleries, so don't try that.

:bulletyellow:For now, non-English stories are allowed, but all other rules still apply, as always. Also, if there are too many people abusing this rule, non-English submissions will be disallowed. Please, don't take advantage of the fact that I can only read in English; I'm sure to find out if this is an issue.

:bulletblue:The Group Administration has the right to add to or change these rules at any time, as needed. If you have any questions or concerns, please send a note to the group, me RebeccaRipple, or the group moderator fuzzyalligator and we'll be happy to assist you.

Thank you for taking the time to help us help you. Happy reading/writing, everyone! :D
Not sure where your fanfiction should go? Here are some brief descriptions of the folders.

HP Only - Any story that is in the Harry Potter universe but doesn’t fit into the other folders.
E.g.: A story about the Founders.

Trio Era - Any story that takes place during 1980 to around 2000.
E.g.: A story written about Lavender Brown during her fifth year.

Marauder Era - Any story written in the Marauder’s Era.
E.g.: A story written about Lily attending a potions class.

Next Generation - Any story written about the children or their classmates.
E.g.: A story written about Rose’s first day at Hogwarts.

Crossovers - Any story that includes another fandom.
E.g.: A story written about how Harry Potter met Katniss Everdeen

Fan Art - Art that is based off of a HP fanfiction and follows the rules listed above.

Group Info

Readers and writers of Harry Potter based fanfiction gather here to form a community of HP fans from around the world! Crossovers are welcome as long as the Harry Potter series is a considerable amount of the plot.
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Hi... thank you for letting me join.

I noticed that it is recommended for individuals to have their works beta'ed. I was hoping someone would be willing to review my stories or point me in the right direction? Additionally, I was wondering - do the stories need to be completed before posting? :) 

Thanks again. I am excited to get you know as many of you as I can. Bows theatrically with a twirl of her hand.   
Fangirlingasalways Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2016  Student Artist
uh i am making a parody of a mary sue,but it has chatspeak,can I submit it?
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Is this group still active? I submitted a crossover story but it's taking a very long time :confused:
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Hello there, I have a question. I am currently writing a fanfiction with a crossover between Harry Potter and Yu-Gi-Oh anime. It is supposed to take place years after the defeat of Voldemort. It has Harry Potter characters in it and it takes place in Hogwarts but the main protagonists are Yu-Gi-Oh characters. Can I still submit it here?
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Thanks for letting me join! :D
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Yaay! Thanks for letting me join!
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Can I offer my service as a beta to and through this group? I'm not an author myself, and I generally don't draw fanart, but I'd love to read, revise, and review others' fanfiction!
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