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I'm still a piece of garbage.

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I got tagged by the amazing :iconmentalcrash: to answer these 12 Questions.
Thank you so very much! You are amazing! >3o :heart:

Without further ado
1º What are your Top Three films?
A1: 1. Spirited Away, seriously, I love this movie so much! This is a movie that I watch when I feel down. ; 2. Your Name, more than just a Body Swap movie. It is incredibly cute and even sad at times.  ; 3. Scott Pilgrim VS The World, great movie adaptation of a fun comic series!

2º If you could be turned into anything non human, what would it be?
A2: For a person who constantly gets TFed into various people and characters that is a tough question. Probalby Midna, a Quarian or a humanoid Pokemon like Gardevoir, Florges, Kirlia, Gothitelle, etc. (not having thumbs would still suck tho)

3º Do you prefer hotter or colder climates? Why?
A3: I'm generally a bit torn on this one. The weather here changes often enough to not be too boring but overall I prefer a warmer climate.

4º What's an offense you'd never forgive?
A4: Breaking a promise. An actual promise! It is hard to get me mad, very very hard. But if you break a real promise, I would take offense to that and it will always be on my mind when we interact.

5º What would make you instantly fall in love with a person?
A5: I'm not sure if anything would do it 'Instantly for' me. It takes time for me. Usually you know instinctively that the other person is just right.
I've had several crushes, no mutual feelings though so, what do I know really... When it comes to what makes me fall in love with people 'instantly' I haven't quite figured out a common denominator.
I feel like what usually does draw me to certain people is their personality.

6º Do you think I'm evil?
A6: You are the evilest person out there - I'm kidding of course... You are a fantastic person, I like you a lot and you not afraid to say what you are thinking!

A7: *googles* - Definitely ORA ORA

8º Do you drink alcohol? If you do, what is your favourite type of alcoholic beverage?
A8: Not as much as I used to, honestly. But if I do, it's Guinness or Cider (:heart:). Not a big fan of the German stuff we have here...

9º Do you have hopes on humanity being able to move past petty grudges in order to strive on towards the stars?
A9: Do I trust mankind to save itself? Not sure, honestly. I'd like to believe that human decency will triumph eventually and that we will move past all those things.

10º What is your favourite book?
A10: My favorite book(s) are 'Alice's Advenures in Wonderland' and 'Through the Looking-Glass'

11º Do you prefer travelling through fields, forests and mountains or large cities, their hotels, museums and restaurants?
A11: I prefer the former. I want to go out there and see things. I find nature much more inspiring than cities. Doesn't help that I generally have trouble with places that can get noisy.
Lush forests and rough terrain, I love it!

12º Would you want to be immortal?
A12: The idea of living forever and dying terrifies me equally. But since life is designed to end it is more the question of if you'd even want to life forever.
If time would just stop for everyone equally, and nothing would die naturally... maybe. But if it was just me and watch everything and everyone around me pop up and disappear over time...
In the words of Jorge Luis Borges: "Except for man, all creatures are immortal, for they are ignorant of death."
In case you are wondering, the answer is no.

So, uhm now I have to tag others? Sure thing!
:iconanonymousdevi: :iconkaiza-tg: :icondancingspartan: :iconmiraimiru: :iconundeadpenguin37:
I'd like to have you guys answer me the following:
1° What are your 3  favorite video games of all time?
2° Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
3° Do you speak a second language
4° Is there a movie you never get tired of watching over and over again?
5° What is your favorite book?
6° Name 3 things that you like but everyone else hates
7° Name 3 things that you hate but everyone else likes
8° Imagine what the Video Games Industry looks like in 5 years - What do you see?
9° What countries are you planning on visiting in the near future?
10° What is your favorite genre of music and who is your favorite artist (music)?




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