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commission me cause i sorta kinda really need the money 

Ok so, I'm re-opening my commissions now that I'm down to 5 which 3 are drawn (Devj, Blaze and Uberwolf) and 2 in the process (Zuza and Mike are both very understanding. Zuza's being the biggest and Mike is just a real sweetheart) 

I'm trying to get my first cosplay on and i have a deadline (party is Oct.26 i believe) also the extra money will help out in everyday life, car payment, so on so forth. 

Anyways, I'm going ahead and reopening commissions. 

  • sketches are 10$
  • colored with no bg 30$
  • colored with bg 60$
  • additional characters $10 

prices fluctuate depending on the detail you want yadda yadda so on so forth. just hit me up and we'll talk. 

if you didn't know i was an artist, there's my artist tag. and heres what commissions usually look like. no commission looks the same, each pic has it's own dynamic.

i encourage everyone to take advantage of the 10$ sketches as you'll get a sketch faster than you would a full colored bg.

did you miss me?
of course you did.
commission me 400$ worth of shit

so i can


stop whining about bills.

i need a second fulltime job.
since im coming to the end of my current commission parade with 75% them drawn and ready for coloring

im going to go ahead and accept some more

just be mindful that there will be a short waiting period

but its usually worth your wait as...i know what its like to wait for something and then get handed shit.
so if youre interested hit me with a note and we'll work something out and i'll be posting the current commissions i owe shortly (or emailing them, whichever)
so, i'm taking commissions because ya'know, life likes to fuck me like im a young japanese school girl with its tentacles...of life.
and i actually need them pretttyyyyyyyyyy soon as it asap as in the next day or so, sooo yeah.

if you have no clue where my art is posted now, here you go

anyways, please please PLEASE i need as much help as i can get at this point, and im not one to beg but i ain't too proud to beg neither.

Sketches are 10$
Colored but no background is 25$
2 characters and a full bg are 50$

everything else fluctuates in prices. so yeah.

gotten real tired of dA.
however, i'm keeping my dA open for :icondigimonreboot: and :icondigimon-sleepers:

i'm still around and i'm still drawing don't worry, you just gotta find me.

i'll bring my dA back when i decide to post on it again, let's be honest this website has gone to shit.
and i changed my username.
i almost feel left out not having a sub now that i know we can change our usernames.
pretty much, commissions are open.
pricing is simple

10$ - Sketch
20$ - Colored (Cell shaded)
30$ - Cell-shaded-ish Colored w/background
40$ - Soft/Painted colored w/background  
5$ per additional character. (example: two characters in one sketch is 15$)

higher prices are, however, negotiable. so they aren't truly set in stone.
prices may vary depending on what you want and how elaborate you want them.
commissions are paid for, then received and  commissions should be received in a weeks time.

i don't do point commissions, and i'm not doing art trades.

original sketches are kept, so if you want them to be mailed to you please say so and i'll try to mail them off sometime around the time you receive your commission.

this is very important and i sorta kinda really really need the money
if you're one of those super nice people that like to donate just to be helpful, my paypal is

hit me up with a note if you're interested.

just letting you all know im about to post the old episodes of D4 written back in like...2008? i think? from 2006-2008 im pretty sure.

theres also the ORIGINAL, written in 2003 i may post.

let's see.  


Journal Entry: Fri Dec 30, 2011, 12:00 PM

will you motherfuckers start reading artist descriptions before you comment?

some of ya'll are dumb as SHIT.


and make sure you all are reading

new KH3D trailer

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 19, 2011, 11:42 PM

ok, i know everyone is pretty much tired of kingdom hearts and these spin offs. but you mayyy just want to reconsider with Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (KH3D for short)

it's been confirmed that KH3D leads up to KH3 and that KH3 will be the next game in the series (google it, i'm sure the article will pop up if you need a source)

anyways for those who havn't seen it by now, here it is with english subs:

feel free to discuss, i love having KH conversations.

oh and noticeable things to look out for
- pretty much the entire The World Ends With You cast
- 3 Musketeers, Tron: Legacy, Hunchback of Notre Dame
- Lea

and make sure you all are reading

it's my birthday

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 16, 2011, 12:18 AM

kiss the rings, bitches.

and make sure you all are reading

no more D4, eh.

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 6, 2011, 10:38 PM

to put it bluntly, i'm bored with it.
like before, i had mentioned the lack of motivation for it (more like, i couldn't balance the plot and characters) and even with some help nothing was clicking with me, and i decided that i'm getting my FDD kick with Digimon Reboot, which itself is a huge project.

not blaming Reboot for my lack of interest in D4 considering i havn't really been as productive on D4 since 08, it kinda winds down to it.

i know a lot of you LOVE LOVE LOVED the idea of digimon having an urban take to it but it would've been a waste and i really hate promising that i'm gonna work on something and like produce barely nothing after 4-5 years. so yeah, i'm sorry to everyone that was looking forward to it but it's not going to happen and if it does it won't be for some years or something.

i've really been focused on writing my original story (hopefully, book.) Chaot!c which is the canon story line for my original characters (Seth, Jordan, etc etc) i noticed that a lot of people believe that D4 is the canon story line's not.

D4 was pretty much just a digimon adaption of Chaot!c to be honest.

but anyways, yeah, no more D4.

and make sure you all are reading

dA groups.

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 24, 2011, 2:19 AM

are shit.

maybe i'm just a little...LITTLE....discouraged as to how my art work keeps getting declined, maybe just a little.

i feel like people are ya'know, finding an excuse not to accept my art. i don't think its any kind of discrimination but ya'know, i can't help but wonder when it's obvious the admit went through my entire account to specifically know that one of my characters was used as a fan character for something else (years ago mind you) and decided to base their thesis that my character is NOT original because i used them in an RP years ago.

but really that's not the problem.

the problem is so many groups now have gotten such admins with these, idk, large lubed up pipes up their asses like they are sitting on top of the world or some shit.

i don't know.

deviantART as a whole has went to shit.

i'll probably finally delete my account by the end of the year once the sub runs out.

besides nowadays the only thing people really upload are journals.
most of my messages ARE from groups.

fuck it, theres no point to this place anymore honestly.

and make sure you all are reading

dear...anime fangirls.

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 25, 2011, 11:48 AM

while i feel most of you have issues concerning your own gender and thus reflect it on your artwork.

i would like to express that, you calmy cease and desist taking masculine characters and drawing them in feminine situations that involves them wearing belly shirts and mini skirts.

while i am not one to judge, i can't help but to raise an eyebrow when i see a masculine character getting his dick sucked in a school girl uniform.

obviously you get off to this type of thing and i've been wondering for over 12+ years if your weird fetishes and fapping material is the reason you can't see to inept in real life social situations outside of baggering about in Hot Topic.

i don't know where i was going with this after that.

and make sure you all are reading


Journal Entry: Fri Oct 14, 2011, 10:45 PM

who the hell is going around making fake facebook profiles of my characters, tho?

i mean, granted, they aren't STEALING. it's like...weird ass RPing.

but i was not informed of this.
it's kinda pissing me off

you could've atleast asked for permission.

im mad the bitch got almost more friends then i do.………

and Reyez wouldn't even fucking like Lady Gaga. STAY IN CHARACTER PEOPLE.

and I know whoever it is visits my page frequent, so if you see this. i expect a note of apology because if i hack your shit and find out who you are...........................

well, i aint gone take legal action, let's be real here
but this is some fucked up shit

but im just sayin.
im flattered yet pissed at the same time.

all ya had to do was fuckin send me a note.

and make sure you all are reading

new KH:3D stuff

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 15, 2011, 5:19 PM

i asked for new KH info anddd..i got it?
even tho i'm not going to play Dream Drop Distance, i do however enjoy the information about it and the worlds.

also the guy from The World Ends With You is in it.
how cute.

click here because i don't feel like making a thumbnail

and make sure you all are reading