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The Fred's look so appetising, yum :)
080Pater-Tenebrarum's avatar
Agreed.  The more decrepit the outside of a restaurant, the better the food.
Gyvates-Metai's avatar
it could be one of those rough looking but very delicious joints
DancingToMyself's avatar
Yeah, the ones that have at least one fat cat lying around...
Alepap's avatar
i like the use of flat colors. Very well done
Gyvates-Metai's avatar
thanks! :) I looked at it for the first time in a while and realized how sloppy the figures are, lol
mikeyquig's avatar
This looks great I love the idea of it being a run down muddy food court :-)
mikeyquig's avatar
Your welcome 😊
Hi how is it looking now ? (Was cool already)
start from scratch, new matte painting technic? Or no change at all? xD..
Gyvates-Metai's avatar
what do you mean? 
Forget it. Keep up the good work!
Gyvates-Metai's avatar
alright, thanks!
CannedRocks's avatar
Liking it. Kind of pulls you in.
TheAtomicDog's avatar
The novelty of the pick-up window on such a low-budget, one-counter stall does not escape my notice.
Gyvates-Metai's avatar
yea it doesn't make much sense does it
TheAtomicDog's avatar
Sense of humor, babe.
"Hey, mac! We don't have enough tin left to fill this square hole on the side."
*looks around, gets some leftover two-by-fours*
"Here. Frame it in. That'll be our pink-up window."
"Hah! I like the way you think!"
"Hey, man! We're gonna be a class establishment, don't you know!"
OmriKoresh's avatar
i don't think it's done correctly,
the pictures (or picture if it's a matt painting) and the parts that you painted don't mix well, for example the roofs look like a picture glued in mspaint.. overall it just looks unfinished and the people are not that necessary.
Gyvates-Metai's avatar
you are correct in that it's not very refined. I only spent long enough to get a feel and atmosphere of the place.
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