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Amazing concept

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...functional and versatile, such a bike can prove very useful.
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Mr Einikis,

I'm Etienne, da actor and designer of a real flying ride project.
In need of support and funds, allow me to suggest you have a look to my conception, and hopefully support it, the way you chose.
Please have a look ! :)……
A look, a comment, a like or a euro, your support will be highly appreciated.
Thank you for the attention you'll pay to my mesage.
Congratulations for your gorgeous illustration !

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I love the design and style! Clever. I am sure you could take many of these ideas and sell them to mechanics ha :P
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I don't think they'd have much use for made up designs lol. I do know that some concept artists are helping design actual robots nowadays, which is really cool.
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Love it, but I'm curious.  What were you thinking when you called it the "Q"500?
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thanks. A lot of times when I need a decal for a vehicle or robot I'll make a combination of letters and numbers that look or sound cool. Not a whole lot to it haha.
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Dis shit ain bad, dawg! :D
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This is really awesome !!! Love the vehicle design !
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You're art has been featured:…

Good job!
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cool, much appreaciated
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Very nice piece! I like the clean 3D elements. 
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did you do a part of this in 3D? epic concept!
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thanks and yea. I wish there was a better category for something like this because it's not entirely 3d or 2d. I have some different views here
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Looks great, I thought it was a 3d thing. Clap
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