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The molecule of arrogance

By gyurka
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Congratulations on the DD!
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congrats on your DD, great Tesseract graphic! :clap:

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Very nice work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!

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He is the king, because he is controlling the tire swing.

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Superb choice of structure there.

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Arrogance indeed. Very arrogant of this clothed chimpanzee to believe itself to be above animals, to the poinit of inventing the word "human" to refer to itself as if it were some sort of nobility title to separate itself from them...

And yet, despite its comfortable position, it still instinctively practices all of those ruthless survival tactics from the wild even though it doesn't need them anymore. Like any other animal, it still goes to wars, kills members of its own species, and attempts to perpetuate any situation where it has a position of power.

Despite having the ability to create an utopia if it wanted, it is still an ape, an animal unable to see beyond its own basic survival needs, still behaving like it is in the hyper-competitive jungles from millions of years ago. It is no wonder that world peace can't be achieved, for basic survival instinct still rules our lives, thus the difference between the so-called "human being" and any other animal is simply non-existent...

...and that is the title of "human being" in a nutshell: Arrogance.

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Thank you for putting my thoughts into words! I couldn’t agree more if I tried! :)

And yet, while we "apes" seem to care about what we do to the environment and the other apes, I suspect that chimps are blithely unconcerned about either the environment or other creatures at all.

Essentially, for all of our "arrogance", we seem to be the only creatures on this planet who even care to have this conversation.

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...Oh the irony! For all the effort we put into painting the animals as the pro-environment good guys and the "humans" as the contaminating bad guys, it turns out we Eggmen and Robotniks are doing more for the environment than a million Sonic Hedgehogs would (the reference is not gratuitious, Sonic's roots way back in 1991 had a whole "environmentalist" undertone going on, before it was eventually forgotten. 90s stuff, I guess). And then again, was Captain Planet shaped like any of the other animals? No, he looked like one of us...

Obviously you've seen me contradict my previous comment already. How to reconcile these two opposite viewpoints about the same subject?

Quite simple, actually: Within a same species some individuals are born stronger or weaker, faster or slower, more aware of reality or more oblivious to it...

Those apes with low awareness to their immediate surroundings, who are not paying attention to reality and are instead daydreaming about not-immediately-relevant things such as the origins of the universe and whatnot... we call them "nerds". It is these nerds that believe in creating utopias, saving the environment, and generally seeking for fun and comfort beyond the mere survival... But that's only a very small subset of our species, normal apes are still only concerned about their immediate reality and survival, just like any other animal, and care about the environment just as much as your average chimp.

Keep this in mind: "The mistake that every smart person makes is to believe that everybody else is as smart as them." Not every "human" is a Socrates...

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great work !!! xxxxx

Why is it arrogant to be as one is? Just oneself...
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It's not that. The human's arrogance is in believing itself to be some kind of special being above animals, despite the fact it still enacts every act of brutality and ruthlessness that wild animals do everyday to survive (thus being also a hypocrite). The only difference between a "human" and a chimpanzee is that one of them wears clothing.

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Very interesting concept!

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Thank you much.

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:) very cool and creative work!

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:nod: you're absolutely welcome.

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