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I have a new KO-Peril commission to share!

Captain Zammo did this one for me -- Sparrowhawk and Dynamic Deb are naked and sprawed unconscious while the thugs that KOed the gorgeous gals discuss how to keep them out cold.

Here are all my "Superheroines-in-KO-Peril" scenarios for June 2018!

1) Sparrowhawk is taken out by the Tiny Smasher!

2) The weird wizard "Oscar the Outrageous" has KOed and captured Madame Sin.

3) The winsome Wasp is defeated by Schlaar'Zumm.

4) Groddo the Misfit KOs Breena B'Yoringia.

5) Panther Girl falls before the sonic assault of "Orville the Shrieker".

6) A new critter called the "J'Mozon" defeats Dynamic Deb.

7) The sexy witch Jenna Jaspers has been KOed and captured by some "Project Spooky" operatives.

8) Here's a fun pic by member9 -- Zar-Donk the Head-Bonker whacks Dolores Moline aka the "Amazing Shrinking Jungle Gal" out cold.

9) Thoozee Grittum dominates the Polecat.

10) The sexy villainess "Purple Heart" cannot cope with Warren Woozinak's deadly energies.

11) WHACK!  Zar-Donk the Head-Bonker scores a win over poor Panther Girl.

12) Another cool pic by Member9 -- sexy detective Sabrina Duncan lies unconscious on the floor after a beatdown.

13) Marvin the Miraculous defeats the gorgeous redhaired witch Occulta.

14) Madame Dragonfly gets overpowered by Omar the Ape-Man.

15) The J'Mozon has just KOed sexy spy-gal Teresa Mullins.

16) Annie Frenzy loses an altercation with Hootee McKraw.

17) "Mad Bad Chad" KOs Panther Girl.

18) A nifty pic by member9 -- Zar-Donk the Head-Bonker has just defeated Panther Girl!

19) Member9 continues to amaze and amuse -- Dolores the Amazing Shrinking Jungle Girl and Occulta have both been violently subdued! But now they are resting peacefully...

20) Sexy spy-babe Rosita Ramirez gets KOed by the G'Duurnax!

21) The J'Mozon is just a bit too much for Elizabeth the Silver Sorceress.

22) Thoozee Grittum defeats the gorgeous spy-gal Laura Jones.

23) The sexy villainess "Dangerous Dyna" is KOed by "The Incomparable Howard".

24) Panther Girl is zapped out cold by the weird critter "M'Takk".

25) Dolores Moline aka the "Amazing Shrinking Jungle Girl" is no match for Schlaar'Zumm.

26) The sexy blonde witch Audrey Jenkins finds out the hard way that Warren Woozinak packs a "crazy serious wallop".

27) The masked blondie spy-gal Vanessa Tanner is just no match for Oscar McCool!

28) The weird critter "Fradda'Fillum" runs roughshod over the sexy villainess "Purple Mystery".

29) Panther Girl is unable to prevent the J'Mozon from stealing an enchanted machete.

30) A magical crimson cracker is stolen by the weird beastie "Zaar-Zoom", despite the best efforts of the gorgeous blonde S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Bobbi Morse.

31) The busty brunette spy-babe Valerie Vinewood gets KOed by "Orville the Shrieker".

32) More utter weirdness! "Poindexter Poppycock" defeats Shanna the She-Devil.

33) A newly-transmogrified critter attacks and KOs Wonder Woman!

34) Panther Girl and the Nerdithodix visit an art museum -- oh, wait, that ain't it at all! Here, see what happens :

35) Hey, the J'Mozon is really gettin' around, lately! Here, he takes on the curvy witchie-babe, Jenna Jaspers :

36) Oh golly! Pistol-Packin' Polly is using her trademark "colorful language", again, as she confronts the odd beastie "Grawg'Nor".

37) What's all this, here? Another new critter? Yeah, that appears to be the case. "Weird Wild Willy" easily defeats the sexy villainess "Crimson Conquistador".

38) Hootee McKraw catches S'Mawtta the Sorceress trying to steal his hooch, and knocks her out.

39) Panther Girl gets defeated by "G'Norf the Grand".

40) I shall finish the month off with a pic of "yers trooly" -- yup, that's me, clownin' around at Subway, again.


That's all fer June 2018, folks!  Enjoy!
I have a new KO-Peril commission to share!

Captain Zammo :iconcaptainzammo: did this one for me -- sexy sleuth Sabrina Duncan gets punched out by a thug!

I have a new "Superheroine-in-KO-Peril" scenario to share!

This one is by the highly-esteemed artist Captain Zammo. Sparrowhawk loses another fight with the villainous Waldo Prendicott, aka the "Blue Wrangler".  THWOCK!  And our sexy gal goes down fer the count!

I have five new "Superheroines-in-KO-Peril" commissions to share!

1) Here is a nifty head-blow KO by member9 -- Zar-Donk the Head-Bonker smashes Dolores the Amaziing Shrinking Jungle Girl out cold! Evidently the cad has already dealt with Occulta :

THWAK by gytalf2000

2) Another fun scenario by member9 -- sexy detective and "Charlie's Angel" Sabrina Duncan is sprawled out cold on the floor!

Mature Content

Unconscious Detective-Gal by gytalf2000

3) More KO-hijinks by member9 -- Zar-Donk is at it again! The fiend has just subdued Panther Girl.

Mature Content

Out Cold Kitty-Cat by gytalf2000

4) Oh, good golly! Both Dolores Moline (the Amazing Shrinking Jungle Girl) and Occulta the Witch of the Silvery Star have been defeated! This wunnerful scene was done by member9.

Mature Content

Two Out-Cold Heroines by gytalf2000

5) Here is a great pic by ShrikeBandit -- Tiazinha attempts to rescue Panther Girl from the Fink, but things just don't go her way.

Mature Content

Fink Picnic by ShrikeBandit

Here are all my "Superheroines-in-KO-Peril" scenarios for May 2018!

1) The sexy blonde spy-babe Vanessa Tanner is clubbed senseless by a thug!

2) Here's a fun KO-Peril pic by member9 :iconmember9: -- Occulta gets whacked by Zar-Donk the Head-Bonker!

3) The odd critter Zaar-Zoom KOs the Polecat.

4) Occulta gets defeated by "Warren Woozinak".

5) The T'Lingit gets the better of Marcia Maldon the Magical Maiden.

6) Panther Girl is roughed up by the Tiny Smasher.

7) Arthur the Thingamajig KOs Dangerous Dyna!

8) The winsome Wasp loses a fight with Awesome Trevor.

9) Zanathor the Misfit knocks Sparrowhawk out cold!

10) Annie Frenzy wishes that she hadn't confronted "Marvin the Miraculous".

11) Hey, Captain Elastic has returned to menace the heroines! Panther Girl bears the brunt of his attack.

12) Elizabeth the Silver Sorceress gets taken down by Jacko Spratt.

13) "G'Norf the Grand" runs roughshod over Dolores Moline, the "Amazing Shrinking Jungle Girl".

14) Laura Jones is KOed by Zooneemy the Misfit.

15) Poofter the Paar'Poodgian defeats Breena B'Yoringia!

16) Panther Girl cannot cope with the weird alien, "Yurz'L the Vortexian".

17) Dynamic Deb has been KOed and captured by the M.A.R.S. Initiative.

18) Panther Girl's spy-babe cousin Teresa Mullins is overwhelmed by "Dork-Thoom the Destroyer".

19) The Fradda'Fillum defeats Madame Dragonfly!

20) Here's a nifty KO-Peril scenario by member9 :iconmember9: -- Dolores Moline aka the "Amazing Shrinking Jungle Girl" is smashed out cold by the Golden Parakeet!

21) Another spiffy "non-peril" pic of sexy Dolores, by the ultra-talented member9 :iconmember9: .

22) "Doug the Diabolical" manages to defeat the sexy villainess "Brawlin' Brenda".

23) Hey, what's this? A new critter? Oh, good grief! Panther Girl isn't too happy about gettin' defeated by "Thoozee Grittum"....

24) The gorgeous spy-gal Rosita Ramirez has been KOed by "Jaggiddoo the Unseemly".

25) Lady Blue loses a fight with the Lum'Dooshus.

26) Another new supervillain, "Mad Bad Chad", prevails over the sexy witchie-gal Jenna Jaspers.

27) The beautiful blonde witch Audrey Jenkins is now a helpless prisoner of "Al-Tos the Ring-Bearer".

28) Panther Girl gets KOed by the Fradda'Fillum.

29) "Mad Bad Chad" defeats Mystical Matilda!

30) A transformed nerd takes on Shanna the She-Devil -- and wins!  Who'da thunk it?

31) Zooneemy the Misfit continues his winning streak by defeating the spy-babe Valerie Vinewood.

32) "Thoozee Grittum" KOs Pistol-Packin' Polly!

33) Panther Girl gets knocked unconscious by "Poofter the Paar'Poodgian".

34) A new occultic entity called the Schlaar'Zumm defeats spy-gal Bobbi Morse.

35) "Nah'Dook the Nerdithodix" triumphs over the Crimson Conquistador.

36) Thoozee Grittum steals a magical bullfrog from the sexy villainess, Scarlet Lariat.

37) Purple Mystery mixes it up with the Kazbaw, and loses badly!

38) Some operatives of the M.A.R.S. Initiative have acquired a sexy unconscious captive -- Panther Girl, herself!  YOWZA!!

39) Zanathor the Misfit KOs Wonder Woman!

40) S'Mawtta the Sorceress is defeated by the odd entity "Schlaar'Zumm".

41) Hey, "Mad Bad Chad" is at it, again! This time, the fiend takes on Stella Silvercat.

42) Rollickin' Rita loses an altercation with Thoozee Grittum.

43) Here is an early adventure of Panther Girl -- she takes on a weird critter, and gets KOed!

44) The gorgeous vixen Molly Montauk and the odd critter Zaar-Zoom really get into it. Who comes out on top? Check the link below ta find out :

45) "Azoomah the Astonishing" defeats the sexy witch Jenna Jaspers.

46) It is not a very good idea to try to steal Hootee McKraw's mystical moonshine. The lovely Hispanic supervillainess Barbara Cordoba aka "Golden Parakeet" must find this out the hard way.

47) The sexy blondie bad-gal Hilda Sorenson loses an altercation with the strange entity "Thoozee Grittum".

48) I end this month's deviations with a depiction of an early adventure of my premiere superheroine, Panther Girl. Here is Monica, out cold and all trussed up!


That's it for May 2018. Enjoy!
I have four new KO-Peril scenarios to share!

1) From the brilliant artist Captain Zammo :iconcaptainzammo: -- Panther Girl gets punched out by the odd hillbilly villain, "Hootee McKraw"!

2) Also by Cap Zammo :iconcaptainzammo: -- after getting soundly trounced by mean ol' Hootee, Monica lies nekkid and helpless in a barn, while two of the ridiculous villain's henchmen watch over the sexy heroine.

3) Pizzanerd1 :iconpizzanerd1: had the awesome LordSnot :iconlordsnot: do this fun pic -- my sexy bad-gal Hilda Sorenson has defeated Virago!

4) Also by Pizzanerd1 :iconpizzanerd1: via LordSnot :iconlordsnot: -- Hilda has heaved the unconscious Virago over her shoulder. Her  gorgeous bad-gal-pal Molly Montauk is also in the scene. They plan on taking Virago back to their master, the Pizza Guy!

I have two new pics to share!

1) This one was done for me by the wunnerful artist ShrikeBandit :iconshrikebandit: -- the Brazilian superheroine Tiazinha gets KOed while attempting to rescue poor Sparrowhawk from the evil clutches of "Karate Guy"!

2) More action from pizzanerd1 :iconpizzanerd1: ! Here is my sexy bad-gal Hilda Sorenson dealing with the heroine Virago, courtesy of the esteemed and highly-acclaimed LordSnot :iconlordsnot: .

I have five new "Superheroines-in-KO-Peril" scenarios to share!

1) Member9 :iconmember9: did this one for me -- Zar-Donk the Head-Bonker has already KOed Panther Girl, and now the cretin clobbers Occulta the Witch of the Silvery Star!

2) Pizzanerd1 :iconpizzanerd1: had LordSnot :iconlordsnot: do this one -- my gals Hilda Sorenson and Molly Montauk swing into action!

3) Another pic done by LordSnot  :iconlordsnot: for Pizzanerd1 :iconpizzanerd1: , featuring my characters Molly Montauk and Hilda Sorenson again!

4) Here's a nifty pic by Captain Zammo :iconcaptainzammo: -- my sexy blonde heroine "Dynamic Deb" has just been rather thoroughly trounced by the "Wicked Weasel"!

5) Also by the great Captain Zammo :iconcaptainzammo:  -- Dolores Moline aka the "Amazing Shrinking Jungle Girl" is out cold in bondage after a savage beatdown by the "Brown Badger".

Here are all my "Superheroines-in-KO-Peril" scenarios for April 2018!

1) Dynamic Deb is KOed by Awesome Trevor.

2) The weird beastie "M'Naargubek" defeats the sexy witch Jenna Jaspers.

3) The gorgeous spy-gal Rosita Ramirez loses a battle with Dirkus the Demolisher.

4) The Stroopidix gets the better of Elizabeth the Silver Sorceress.

5) Panther Girl gets KOed by Zooneemy the Misfit.

6) The Koonah'Reendix asks the Wasp out on a date -- oops, sorry, that just ain't what's happenin', here! See fer yerself :

7) The Polecat is overwhelmed and KOed by "Corey the Incorrigible".

8) Here is a fantastic pic by member9 -- Panther Girl is punched out by the weirdo nerd, Harvey Netterman!

9) The Grym'R'Dang KOs sexy villainess "Dangerous Dyna".

10) Occulta is defeated by the Kazbaw!

11) Funky Sodworth KOs Panther Girl.

12) Here is a nifty pic by member9, depicting "Zar-Donk the Head-Bonker".

13) Also by member9 -- Zar-Donk bludgeons Panther Girl into utter insensibilty!

14) Dolores Moline aka the "Amazing Shrinking Jungle Girl" is subdued by Schloopers.

15) Sparrowhawk is unable to fend off the G'Dammitron.

16) Schnebuneezer Krumpitt defeats Annie Frenzy.

17) Breena B'Yoringia loses an altercation with the Grawr'Dongo.

18) Here is another groovy pic by member9 -- Occulta, the Witch of the Silvery Star!

19) A new critter, R'Dollo, KOs and kidnaps Panther Girl.

20) The beautiful blonde witchie-girlie Audrey Jenkins encounters a new menace named "Zaar-Zoom".

21) R'Dollo needs to take spy-babe Laura Jones back to the castle of "Oscar the Outrageous".

22) Spy-gal Teresa Mullins is no match fer the goldang'd Kazbaw!

23) More spy-babe hijinks! Sporting a new look, the gorgeous blonde Vanessa Tanner is taken down'n'out by "G'Norf the Grand".

24) Zar-Donk the Head-Bonker trounces Panther Girl!

25) Sexy S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Valerie Vinewood is defeated by Groddo the Misfit.

26) The odd entity "Zaar-Zoom" proves to be far too much for Shanna the She-Devil.

27) "Squirty the Spiky-Thingie" KOs the sultry spy-babe Bobbi Morse.

28) Wonder Woman visits the Gytalf-verse, only to get waylaid and beaten senseless by some members of the infamous "Dalton Gang".

29) Hey, the Exclaimer is back in Raxxon City! The fiend takes on Panther Girl, with disastrous results for our sexy superheroine.

30) Some aliens called the "Vortexians" arrive in the Gytalf-verse. "Turz'M" takes on Purple Mystery :

31) Another Vortexian, "Yurz'L", defeats Mystical Matilda!

32) Lady Blue is KOed by Zaar-Zoom.

33) What? Another new beastie? This guy calls himself "Warren Woozinak", and goes after "S'Mawtta the Sorceress".

34) Panther Girl gets overwhelmed and KOed by some Misfits.

35) Zar-Donk smashes "Brawlin' Brenda" out cold!

36) Pistol-Packin' Polly gets taken down by Zooneemy the Misfit.

37) Warren Woozinak defeats Madame Dragonfly!

38) The Crimson Conquistador gets knocked out by the T'Lingit.

39) Holy Cow, Tiny Mister Tibbins is back in town! The fiend pays Panther Girl a visit.

40) R'Dollo defeats the sexy supervillainess Scarlet Lariat!

41) Rollickin' Rita is KOed by a weird "Mothman"-type critter.

42) A new beastie, "Froddo'Fillum", has a blast defeating the sexy young witch Jenna Jaspers.

43) Molly Montauk has been KOed by the Grawr'Dongo!

44) The evil entity Zaar-Zoom defeats Panther Girl.

45) Madame Sin is overwhelmed by "Fiendish Phil".

46) Jaggiddoo the Unseemly KOs Hilda Sorenson.

47) "Poofter the Paar'Pidgian" KOs the Golden Parakeet!

48) The sexy witch "Purple Heart" loses a battle with "Azoomah the Astonishing".

49) Panther Girl has been subdued by the new entity "Kwa-Dondo the No-Longer-Human".

50) Holy Cow! Therza crazed lunatic onna the loose!  (Actually, it is just me, clownin' around....)


Okay, that's all for now.  Enjoy!
I have three new KO-Peril pics to share!

1) Here is a fantastic commission by the esteemed Captain Zammo :iconcaptainzammo: -- the sexy witchie-gals Elizabeth the Silver Sorceress and Jenna Jaspers lie sprawled out cold on the floor after getting beaten senseless by some goons.

2) Here is a nifty depiction of my crazed Misfit, "Zar-Donk the Head-Bonker", done by the fantastic artist member9 :iconmember9: .

3) And here is Zar-Donk in action (also by member9 :iconmember9 ) -- bashing Panther Girl in the head! YOWZA!!

I have three new pics to share!

1) ShrikeBandit :iconshrikebandit: did this one for me -- Furious Fred has already KOed and captured Dynamic Deb; now he pounds the sexy black witch Jenna Jaspers out cold!

2) This isn't actually a peril pic, but it leads up to one -- member9 :iconmember9: has done an updated model of my heroine Panther Girl!

3) And here is a fabulous KO-Peril scenario by member9 :iconmember9:  -- Panther Girl gets punched out by the ridiculous-but-powerful nerd, Harvey Netterman!  POW!!  And she's done, folks....…

Addendum :  Hey, there is a cool new artist to follow on Patreon. "Saturn Sam"!…

Here are all my "Superheroine-in-KO-Peril" scenarios for March 2018!

1) Madame Dragonfly is KOed by Schloopers!

2) The Grawr'Dongo defeats Dangerous Dyna.

3) Here is the 154th installment of LordSnot's "Mauled by the Mauve Marauder" sequence :

4) Breena B'Yoringia falls before the mystical might of "Arthur the Thingamajig".

5) The Roo'Kasha runs roughshod over the Polecat.

6) Panther Girl has been KOed by the Grawr'Dongo.

7) Groovy Grover KOs the winsome Wasp!

8) "Awesome Archie" has taken poor Sparrowhawk down'n'out!

9) The sexy spy-babe Teresa Mullins is overcome by the weird critter called the "Twaa'Didjum".

10) Here is the first pic in a KO-Peril sequence featuring the lovely detective, Sabrina Duncan.
Our sexy gal gets punched out! OUCH!!  (Courtesy of my fellow Deviant member9.)

11) G'Norf the Grand has just KOed Rollickin' Rita.

12) Panther Girl loses a fight with "Squirty the Spiky-Thingie".

13) The evil critter "Grawr'Dongo" defeats Occulta, the Witch of the Silvery Star!

14) The gorgeous Hispanic spy-babe Rosita Ramirez is no match for the goldang'd Kr'Kawg.

15) Zanathor the Misfit KOs spy-gal Laura Jones.

16) The T'Lingit blasts the beautiful witchie-babe, Elizabeth Jaspers aka "Silver Sorceress", into unconscious oblivion.

17) Here is the second pic in member9's KO-Peril sequence -- rendered unconscious by powerful punch, the now-topless sleuth Sabrina Duncan is limp and helpless within the evil goon's mighty grip.

18) Panther Girl takes on a new critter, the Grawg'Nor, and loses badly!

19) Dolores Moline aka the "Amazing Shrinking Jungle Girl" succumbs to the deadly assault of the wicked beastie called the Kooloombah.

20) The beautiful blondie spy-girlie Vanessa Tanner is defeated by the Roo'Kasha.

21) Here is the third and final pic of member9's latest KO-Peril sequence -- the sexy KOed detective-gal Sabrina Duncan is sprawled out cold on a bed!

22) "Groovy Grover" overwhelms and KOs the beautiful witchie-babe Jenna Jaspers!

23) The gorgeous blondie S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Bobbi Morse is defeated by the Spahoondix.

24) The weird beastie "Awesome Archie" makes the annoying do-gooder Panther Girl stop bothering him. By knocking her out, of course.....

25) A malfunctioning magickal pendant leads to the sexy witch Audrey Jenkins' defeat at the hands -- or, better said, "weird appendages" -- of the dreaded "Groddo the Misfit".

26) "Roger Roojer the Rotund Rascal" easily handles the beautiful supervillainess "Lady Blue".

27) "Dynamic Deb" gets her sexy self KOed by mean ol' Z'Dell D'Bubb!

28) "Zanathor the Misfit" defeats Shanna the She-Devil.

29) Panther Girl encounters "Groovy Grover", with the inevitable results.....

30) A new mystical critter, "Calvin the Calamitous", KOs Annie Frenzy.

31) The sultry supervillainess Barbara Cordoba aka "Golden Parakeet" is defeated by the odd villain, "Marvin the Miraculous".

32) The Tr'Zoophah easily dominates and KOs the sexy villainess "Crimson Conquistador".

33) "Azoomah the Astonishing" and the beautiful raven-tressed spy-gal Valerie Vinewood get into an awful fight.  Guess who wins?

34) Panther Girl gets thrashed by "Calvin the Calamitous"!

35) LordSnot continues his "Mauled by the Mauve Marauder" sequence -- here is pic 155!

36) Another nifty pic in LordSnot's series -- here is a close-up shot of the unconscious Valerie Vinewood!

37) "Jaggiddoo the Unseemly" has just trounced Wonder Woman!

38) The sultry Hispanic villainess Carol Montoya aka "Scarlet Lariat" falls before the crazy hijinks of the Kazbaw!

39) "Groddo the Misfit" has just KOed the sexy witchie-gal Jenna Jaspers.

40) The evil entity "Grawg'Nor" has little trouble subduing the busty supervillainess "Purple Mystery".

41) Another weird beastie makes its debut -- "Fiendish Phil" defeats Panther Girl!

42) The wrestler-turned-supervillainess "Brawlin' Brenda" is KOed by Z'Dell D'Bubb.

43) The super-strong giantess "Powerhouse Pam" gets ambushed by the Ragga'Lyx as she "powers down" for the evening.

44) "G'Norf the Grand" triumphs over Mystical Matilda!

45) "S'Mawtta the Sorceress" gets her sexy self KOed by "Arthur the Thingamajig".

46) Groddo the Misfit KOs Panther Girl!

47) Madame Sin has been defeated by Zooneemy the Misfit.

48) The sexy bad-gal "Pistol-Packin' Polly" loses a fight with the Grawr'Dongo.

49) Using a spell borrowed from "The Great Miasma", the weird critter "Ultimah Unusual" manages to defeat the powerful villainess, "Titanic Tina".

50) Zooneemy the Misfit KOs the sexy witchie-gal Adriana Krishnapandit, aka "Purple Heart".

51) Panther Girl has been KOed by Corey the Incorrigible.


Okay, that's it for now.  Enjoy!!
Hey, I have three new KO-Peril pics to share!

1) A few days ago, ShrikeBandit :iconshrikebandit: was taking suggestions for pics, and I recommended that he do a scenario of the Brazilian superheroine Tiazinha. Here is what he came up with. Ain't it nifty?

2) Here is the third and final installment of my latest "Sabrina Duncan" peril sequence, courtesy of member9 :iconmember9: . Quite a sexy pic, eh?

3) And finally, here is a great punchout scene of my fairly-new superheroine "Dynamic Deb", expertly rendered by Captain Zammo :iconcaptainzammo: . The Scarlet Pugilist cleans poor Deb's clock!

I have three new KO-Peril commissions to share!

1) This one was done for me by Captain Zammo :iconcaptainzammo: -- Panther Girl gets trounced by Mister Undetectable!

2) Here is the start of a three-pic sequence by member9 :iconmember9:  -- the gorgeous detective-gal Sabrina Duncan is punched out by a burly thug!

3) The next pic -- an unconscious Sabrina is now limp and helpless in this awful cad's arms.

Here are all my "Superheroines-in-KO-Peril" scenarios for February 2018!

1) "Ultimah Unusual" KOs the Wasp!

2) Marcia the Magical Maiden is defeated by Zanathor the Misfit!

3) Azoomah the Astonishing runs roughshod over Stella Silvercat.

4) Here is a wunnerful pic from member9 -- Grawthur the Warrior looms menacingly over the unconscious Sparrowhawk.

5) Funky Sodworth has little trouble dealing with the Polecat.

6) Panther Girl is taken down by Schloopers.

7) Arthur the Thingamajig trounces Occulta the Witch of the Silvery Star.

8) A new occultic critter called the Kooloombah KOs Dynamic Deb!

9) Sexy spy-babe Laura Jones is defeated by Funky Sodworth.

10) The Wahoolah has just overwhelmed and KOed the sexy witch, Jenna Jaspers.

11) Another nifty pic by member9 -- Grawthur carries the defeated Sparrowhawk away, OTS-style!

12) Breena B'Yoringia is unable to cope with the deadly Kooloombah.

13) Jaggiddoo the Unseemly has KOed Panther Girl.

14) A new character, "G'Norf the Grand", has just dealt rather harshly with the Silver Sorceress.

15) More fun art from member9 -- here is my sexy avian-themed villainess, Barbara Cordoba aka the "Golden Parakeet!"

16) The evil thingie "T'Lingit" has emerged victorious over Dangerous Dyna.

17) Sparrowhawk stands no chance against fun ol' Jacko Spratt!

18) Gorgeous spy-girlie Teresa Mullins gets KOed by the wicked critter called the Kr'Kawg!

19) "Buzzy the Bamboozler" defeats Annie Frenzy.

20) Poor Panther Girl was just no match for the rhyming fiend, "Savage Stanley".

21) A fantastic scenario by member9 -- Sparrowhawk is cradle-carried by Grawthur the Warrior.

22) Here's the last pic in member9's sequence -- now our unconscious and nekkid Sparrowhawk is just hangin' around.....

23) Madame Dragonfly finds that Corey the Incorrigible has no interest in sharing!

24) "G'norf the Grand" makes short work of the sexy blonde S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Bobbi Morse.

25) The Crimson Conquistador is the latest KO-victim of the weird beastie "Schloopers".

26) The Kooloombah attacks and KOs Shanna the She-Devil.

27) Schnebuneezer Krumpitt has no problem defeating Panther Girl.

28) "Arthur the Thingamajig" takes some major damage in a fight with the gorgeous witch Audrey Jenkins, but still manages to KO the hot nekkid blondie babe!  YOWZA!!

29) Dolores the Amazing Shrinking Jungle Girl discovers just how powerful the weird entity "T'Lingit" is -- the cad easily dominates and KOs our curvaceous beauty!

30) S'Mawtta the Sorceress is defeated by G'Norf the Grand!

31) Sexy spy-babe Valerie Vinewood gets KOed by Funky Sodworth.

32) Ultimah Unusual overpowers Panther Girl.

33) More KO-Peril greatness from member9 -- Sparrowhawk loses a fight with Golden Parakeet!

34) Here's a pic of Kate Jackson as "Sabrina Duncan" from the Charlie's Angels TV show -- "Hey, it looks like this is a job for Sparrowhawk!"

35) Another pic of Kate as sexy Sabrina -- she's rushing off to change to her superheroine identity! (That's what I can pretend, anyways....... HA!)

36) A wunnerful pic by member9 -- a slumbering Sparrowhawk is trapped within the Golden Parakeet's force field.

37) Okay, back to my hand-drawn art -- sexy spy-gal Rosita Ramirez has been unsuccessful in dealing with the bizarre new occultic critter, the Twaa'Didjum!

38) Hey, Wonder Woman is paying us a visit! Too bad fer her that she ran inta bad ol' Azoomah the Astonishing, eh?

39) The Twaa'Didjum takes on the sexy black witchie-babe Jenna Jaspers!

40) Heerza a pitcher of the deranged artist of these silly peril scenarios....

41) Sexy spy-girlie Vanessa Tanner has been onna the losin' end of a fight with Zanathor the Misfit....

42) A new beastie called the Roo'Kasha defeats Rollickin' Rita rather handily.

43) Panther Girl gets her sexy self KOed by the Kooloombah.

44) G'Norf the Grand asks the Golden Parakeet out on a date... er, ur, no, not exactly!
Here izza wot actually happens :

45) Despite still being horribly mangled from a previous altercation, "Arthur the Thingamajig" is still able to defeat Pistol-Packin' Polly!

46) Ya juss haven't seen this weird critter inna damm long while -- wily ol' Z'Dell D'Bubb is back! He takes on the gorgeous villainess Lady Blue :

47) Purple Mystery is defeated by the T'Lingit.

48) The "Mauled by the Mauve Marauder" sequence by the esteemed LordSnot continues! Shanna the She-Devil appears to be consulting with her nifty magickal shillelagh.

49) The Roo'Kasha decimates poor Panther Girl!

50) Mystical Matilda loses a confrontation with Funky Sodworth.

51) G'Norf the Grand KOs the sexy bad-gal, Hilda Sorenson.

52) Panther Girl can't even go spelunkin' without gettin herself KOed! She gets blasted out cold by the entity called "Kazbaw".

53) Brawlin' Brenda is defeated by the Wahoolah.

54) Hey, lookit! The lovely supervillainess Scarlet Lariat gets taken down'n'out by the goldan'g Twaa'Didjum.

55) "Darren the Demonic" just won't play nice with the sexy villainess Molly Montauk.

56) Panther Girl is unable to stop "Azoomah the Astonishing" from looting a sacred cavern.


Okay, that's all fer this month. Enjoy!
I have two new KO-Peril pics to share!

1) The brilliant artist "RaelIAK" did this pic for me -- Dolores Moline, aka the "Amazing Shrinking Jungle Girl", gets punched out by "Buzzy the Bamboozler"!

Here is the Black-and-white version :

2) Here is a "gift-pic" from Captain Zammo. Here is an unconscious Wonder Woman in a wheelbarrow!

I have two new "Superheroine-in-KO-Peril" commissions to share!
My fellow Deviant "member9" :iconmember9: did both of these scenarios for me.)

1) Sparrowhawk is defeated by the Golden Parakeet via kick to the head!

2) Now, the Golden Parakeet holds our sexy unconscious heroine up within an 
invisible force-field.

I have two new KO-Peril commissions to share!

1) From Captain Zammo -- Some thugs have managed to beat sparrowhawk senseless and take her captive. As the naked superheroine is sprawled out cold, the evildoers discuss their plans for their beautiful prisoner.

2) From ShrikeBandit -- Sparrowhawk and Dynamic Deb get overpowered by the Scarlet Pugilist and Buzzy the Bamboozler!

These aren't new, but I failed to promote them properly when they were done for me by member9 last month.  Sparrowhawk is KOed and captured by Grawthur the Warrior!

Member9 also depicted my sexy supervillainess, "Golden Parakeet".

Here are all my "Superheroines-in-KO-Peril" scenarios for January 2018!

1)  I tend to start the year out with a chloroform scene featuring the Polecat :

2) The Wasp confronts "Azoomah the Astonishing", with predictable results.

3) Hey, there's a new critter! He is called "Jaggiddoo the Unseemly", and starts his career by defeating the Silver Sorceress.

4) Panther Girl must deal with the return of the Horrible Hornet.

5) Sparrowhawk gets taken down by "Bruno Starz" and his Oonthy pal "Schloopers".

6) "Arthur the Thingamajig" makes his debut by KOing sexy spy-gal Rosita Ramirez.

7) "Loopy Larry" punishes the sexy criminal "Dangerous Dyna".

8) Here is the start of a thirteen-pic sequence featuring the lovely actress Kate Jackson, who was the inspiration for my "Sparrowhawk" character.

9) Pic 2 of the sequence.

10) The third pic.

11)  Here is pic 4 :

12) Golly, I'm obsessed! Pic 5 :

13) Pic 6 :

14) Pic 7 :

15) She just can't seem ta wake up. Pic 8 :

16) I gotta mention, these screenshots are from the 1982 movie "Making Love". Pic 9 :

17) Pic 10 :

18) Gettin' close ta the end. Pic 11 :

19) Pic 12 :

20) We shall leave her resting nice'n'comfy.  Pic 13 :

21) Back ta my hand-drawn art -- "Dynamic Deb" gets defeated by Captain Villainy!

22) "Nardonzo the Misfit" targets Panther Girl.

23) "Azoomah the Astonishing" returns for a second adventure, takin' on Annie Frenzy!

24) Scarlet Lariat gets KOed by the Krampa-Wiggit.

25) Hey, it is that weird "Dastardly Disruptor" fella, again.

26) "Geezer'Dump" defeats gorgeous spy-babe Laura Jones.

27) The sexy young witchie-gal Jenna Jaspers meets Mildred, a creation of the deranged lunatic Rodney Reedner.

28) Panther Girl loses an altercation with Beetle-Bug.

29) Sir Roderick of Betsy KOs "Occulta the Witch of the Silvery Star".

30) Breena of the B'Yor Clan is defeated by Schnebuneezer Krumpitt.

31) "Jaggiddoo the Unseemly" is far too much for sexy spy-gal Teresa Mullins.

32) Dolores Moline, aka "The Amazing Shrinking Jungle Girl", is subdued by the Astro-Fiend.

33) The weird occultic thingie called "T'Lingit" KOs Brawlin' Brenda.

34) Panther Girl serves as a sort of "Welcoming Committee" for the odd villain, Captain Stupendous.

35) Adriana Krishnapandit aka "Purple Heart" is defeated by Arthur the Thingamajig.

36) "Jaggiddoo the Unseemly" manages to defeat the sexy sorceress "Madame Sin".

37) "Azoomah the Astonishing" gets the better of S'Mawtta the Sorceress.

38) What? Another new critter?  "Funky Sodworth" KOs "Rollickin' Rita".

39) Pistol-Packin' Polly gets taken down by Rascally Ray the Misfit.

40) Lord Sphericus really lays the kibosh on poor Panther Girl.

41) "Darren the Demonic" overpowers Shanna the She-Devil.

42) The "Joong-A-Ling" has just defeated Wonder Woman.

43) More utter silliness with "Jaggiddoo the Unseemly"! This time, the nutcase takes on Madame Dragonfly.

44) A bout with the villain "Buzzy the Bamboozler" leaves Panther Girl unconscious.

45) The gorgeous villainess Molly Montauk is defeated by "Schnebuneezer Krumpitt".

46) The bizarre critter called the "Hy'Raaka" runs roughshod over Hilda Sorenson.

47) Good Grief! This silly thing hasn't even named his fool self yet, and he is already capable of downing sexy witchie Jenna Jaspers! How astonishing!

48) This time, it is all in rhyme!  Savage Stanley KOs Lady Blue!

49) "Darren the Demonic" defeats Panther Girl.

50) The Golden Parakeet is no match for "Azoomah the Astonishing".

51) Freddie the Fiend KOs the Crimson Conquistador.

52) Aw no, not another new beastie! "Ultimah Unusual" proves to be too much for the pretty blondie witchie-gal, Audrey Jenkins.

53) Jacko Spratt KOs Mystical Matilda.

54) Here is a nifty gift-pic from "member9" -- Sparrowhawk is punched out by Grawthur the Warrior!

55) "Throgmar the Mighty" gives Purple Mystery a rather solid thrashing :

56) Sexy spy-gal Vanessa Tanner gets KOed by "Arthur the Thingamajig".

57) Zanathor the Misfit triumphs over poor Panther Girl!

58) Another damm beastie with a ridiculous name, "Percival Ponderosa", has appeared in the goldang'd Gytalf-verse.  The cretin has KOed sexy spy-gal Valerie Vinewood.

59) The weird critter "Kr'Kawg" has just defeated the sexy blonde S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Bobbi Morse.

60) Panther Girl is subdued by "Arthur the Thingamajig".


Okay, that is all for January 2018.   Enjoy!