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Stealin' The Nonsensical Nandi Bear

By gytalf2000
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Both the sexy bad-gal Raveenah Rankin aka the "Ravishing Raven" and the misshapen lunatic "Eerie Eddie" desire the spectacular-but-silly occultic artifact known as the "Nonsensical Nandi Bear of Noomah'Goomah", and simultaneously arrive at the Goosedow Museum with thievery on their minds. Naturally, a rather furious altercation ensues, and our gorgeous supervillainess gets the worst end of the fight.  ZAPPO-BLAMMO!!!  And the shapely, near-nekkid adventuress collapses to the museum floor.  WHUMP!

"HAW HAW HAW!! That sexy babe izza surely down'an'out fer the goldang'd count. Now I gonna vamoose with the 'Nonsensical Nandi Bear o' Noomah'Goomah'. HOOP-DAH!!!"

Eddie leaves the scene with the oddly-shaped mystical cryptid. Poor Raveenah will remain sprawled helpless and out cold on the floor of the Goosedow Museum fer the rest of the night.  Sad!

Any of my followers who are interested in cryptozoology will probably already know this -- the "Nandi Bear" is a genuine cryptid that has been reported in East Africa for quite some time!…

Oh look, here is a fellow deviant who has depicted this ferocious beastie :

Monsters of Today - Nandi Bears by Juliefan21

Fun stuff!
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