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Ethereal Beauty

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Here is a wunnerful pic of the sexy actress Kate Jackson, who played the sultry detective "Sabrina Duncan" in the original "Charlie's Angels" TV-show, which aired on the ABC network from 1976 to 1981. Kate was in the first three seasons of the show. I call this one "Ethereal Beauty", because, hey! Juss look at the pic! Kate looks pretty goldang'd groovy, here.....
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God, we were just the age - 8th grade. She was always my favorite.

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I was nuts about her! She was the only reason I watched "The Rookies" (her previous show, where she played sexy nurse Jill Danko), and loved watching her play "Sabrina Duncan" on "Charlie's Angels". I liked all of 'em, of course, being a horny teenager an' all that, but Sabrina was the one most often featured in my demented fantasies. Ah, the memories!

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God, all those memories...I moved back to Cincinnati from Phoenix in May of 76. And all of us guys watched this show. I had an older teacher even tease us about it ("I know you guys watch that show"). And we all got into listening to Kiss at the same time, from their Halloween special.