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Don't Make Much Sense

By gytalf2000
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The sexy blondie spy-babe Vanessa Tanner is unconscious after being gassed and beaten senseless by the weird villain Stink-Bug! Our gorgeous gal hangs helplessly within an invisible force-field of debilitating energies, as she is approached by some "Project Spooky" operatives.

The odd stink dissipates quickly, and one of the thugs speaks up. "Wow, that juss don't make much sense, now do it? Stink-Bug went ta the trouble o' KOin' this crazy-hawt babe, an' then, instead o' takin' this delicious blondie morsel back ta his lair ta play with, he juss gives her ta us? Truly inexplicable!"

The goon's pal opines, "Well, let's not worry about all that. The stink is gone now, so let's go ahead an' deactivate the force-field an' take Miss Tanner back ta our goldang'd headquarters!"

Now that's a nifty idea, fer sure! Not so good fer poor Vanessa, though......
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