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Beaten By The Imps 02

By gytalf2000
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I am continuing the sequence which began with this groovy KO-Peril pic, expertly rendered by the wunnerful Furbs3D :iconfurbs3d: :

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Beaten By The Imps 01 by gytalf2000

The strange little weirdos carry the unconscious Savage Lioness away. There's juss no tellin' wot the perverts intend ta do with our sexy gal!  Weird, wild stuff, no doubt.....
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The Lioness is gorgeous and even more lovely unconscious. Great stuff!

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Thanks! I really love this pic, as well. Furbs3D always does a splendid job depicting my odd fantasies!

HoorayForSloth's avatar

If it's some brutish guy I can dig it, but the thought of these alien looking fellas laying their hands on this fine heroine is somehow none too appealing, lol.

gytalf2000's avatar

I understand! They are pretty weird. Not as odd as the Misfits and occultic critters that I draw, though.

HoorayForSloth's avatar

And those critters are probably equally depraved... oh dear.