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Takin' the Golden Globule
The wicked new villain "Alderic the Awfully-Awesome" has just recently transmogrified himself from a respected academic to a bizarre quasi-human occultic thingie :

Mature Content

The Looks Ain'ta Important by gytalf2000

Panther Girl herself was unable to stop his initial transformation, and he ain'ta about ta let the gloriously-sexy young black witchie-gal Jenna Jaspers get in the way of his latest project -- acquiring the "Golden Globule of Aarko'Baardo"!  Jenna attempts to stop Alderic with her magicks, but the cad easily dismisses them and goes on the attack. A particularly-potent bolt of weird eldritch energies fells our beautiful witch.  ZAPPA-THOOM!!
Jenna is rendered unconscious, and flops helplessly to the floor of the Smuttersworth Museum.  WHUMP!  Now Alderic is free to take the precious globule back to his lair. Oh, how awful!
Top-Notch Wizardry
The brilliant teenage photographer for the "Supervillains Monthly" magazine and website, Timothy MacGillicuddy, has just recorded an exciting confrontation between the gorgeous superheroine Dolores Moline aka the "Amazing Shrinking Jungle-Girl" and the wily ol' warlock "Oscar the Outrageous". Inevitably, poor Dolores has fallen victim to the fiend's overwhelming magicks. Now she floats helplessly a few feet off the ground, ensconced within an invisible force-field of potent debilitating energies. Timothy congratulates Oscar on what he calls his "top-notch wizardry". The white-bearded conjurer states that the beautiful brunette babe will not be awakening from this devastating defeat until sometime tomorrow. Evidently, Oscar really laid the Kibosh on the curvy, nekkid crimefighter.  YOWZA!!

Here are Oscar's exploits :…
Yew Stoopid Nekkid Witchie-Babe
Mean ol' Thoozee Grittum scores yet another win! The deranged lil' critter calls his current KO-victim, the lovely sky-clad sorceress Nyr'Gallah the Witch, "yew stoopid nekkid witchie-babe". Then he blasts the sexy bad-gal out cold! 'Cause he's just plenty rude.....

Thoozee has appeared twenty-six times before :…

Here are Ny'Gallh's exploits :…
Fingernail-Wavin' Fiend
Here is a picture of a truly disturbed little man, playin'at bein' the Dastardly Disruptor -- wavin' his weirdly-elongated pinky fingernail at the world. Scary stuff......
Three Slumberin' Cuties
Here is a wunnerful KO-Peril commission by the super-talented Furbs3D :iconfurbs3d: -- Silver Fox, the Wasp, and Dynamic Deb all lie nekkid and unconscious after being violently subdued by the Dalton Gang. The thugs step back to ogle the gorgeous trio, and take some pics for the "Supervillains Monthly" magazine and website, before decidin' what to do with the helpless KOed do-gooders......
Here are my latest "Superheroines-in-KO-Peril" scenarios!

1) The Silver Fox is KOed by Harvey Netterman!

2) Here is a new character -- Glynda the Warrior-Gal -- excellently depicted by RosePab.

3) By the wunnerful LordSnot -- the sexy nekkid spy-gal Bobbi Morse is tossed to the ground! Pic 165 of the "Mauled by the Mauve Marauder" series.

4) "Berzerk the Crazed Viking Warrior" and "Glynda the Warrior-Gal" run roughshod over Panther Girl and Silver Fox.

5) Here is Member9's depiction of Glynda the Warrior-Gal.

6) Annie Frenzy is brilliantly portrayed by the nifty artist Member9.

7) From RosePab -- Captain Helmet defeats Silver Fox, and the spy-babes Rosita Ramirez and Vanessa Tanner!

8) Here's a great pic by Captain Zammo -- Panther Girl is waylaid by Buzzy the Bamboozler!

9) The brilliant artist RaelIAK did this one for me -- the gorgeous spy-gals Vanessa Tanner and Rosita Ramirez are unconscious in bondage!

10) Here is the color version of RaelIAK's nifty new pic!

11) Captain Zammo did this groovy pic for me -- Panther Girl and the Blonde Brawler are unconscious prisoners of Freddy the Nerd and his army of invisible robots!

12) Also by the highly-esteemed Captain Zammo -- The winsome Wasp has just been violently subdued by a big ol' Bigfoot!



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