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COMPASS by gyro COMPASS by gyro
photoshop 7

looking for some input on what i might be able to improve,
maybe even a background of sorts.
convaincant Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
nice work

i'm searching some ideas to create a rockabilly logo.
the old look of your compass are awesome and perfect for retro style

maybe, you have the ability to create a freaky 50s/60s style logo about the rockabilly-scene
you're interessted? so leave me a message if you want.
equus123 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2003
this is beautiful! the things that i would edit would be the textures on the compass. i like the texture on the face of it, but i would add another one (prob a cement or stone texture) to give it a stone appearance...i take it that thats what u want the compass to be made of? i hope lol

the second thing would be to change the texture that goes around the rim. you can keep the lighter orangy yellow, but those dark parts, i do not like.

lastly, i would try to use a different texture for the needle. i like what you have on the ball in the middle, but the needle itself, i dont think it matches the compass if u look at it from the view of the person who made this object. they/i would pick a type of material that matches/complements the material of the rest of the compass. make sense?

but this is really great. i like it a lot. cant wait to see it evolve :)
getinit Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2003
you again, great....your compass is awesome - I hardly ever have anything that catches my eye and stands out - it does!! Maybe, one corner of the background cloud or sky-like would be really neat or I can see more of a golden light beaming from the dark. I really like it a lot.
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November 21, 2003
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