Lent and Artist Feature #2

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Hello all!

First things first.  Many of you might know that I'm a practicing Catholic and as such, I observe the time of Lent.  So, as a part of this time until Easter, I have resolved to reduce my time on the computer because I basically spend all my free time looking at a screen.  I need to get out more.  No, really.:X  As a result, I will not be present as much (I won't say active because, well, I'm not very active -_-; ) here on DeviantArt.  I will still be able to set aside a day or two every week to see your wonderful art or post or just to say hi!

That being said, I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to visit the profiles and galleries of the artists in my last feature and for showing them your support!  I hope you will do the same with this week's featured artists!


:iconacmasoen: is a great artist with an incredible talent for painting and drawing.  His art is diverse and much of it seems to focus especially on fantasy and RPG adventure themes and each painting is an amazing example of his love of art.  Each and every work in his gallery has a special story behind it and is sure to take you on an adventure!  ACMasoen has a friendly and open personality that reflects in his art and interactions with others and I encourage you to show your support for him and his work.  See his full gallery here!  Don't forget to check out his blog for even more art and behind-the-scenes work!

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:iconelementis: is a very kind and inspiring artist who puts a lot of effort and love into her art.  Each and every drawing is a beautiful piece and demonstrates her amazing artistic talents.  Her art shows an awesome creativity and imagination, both in her traditional art as well as her digital work.  Elementis has a great diversity in her gallery that reflects her abilities and her passion for her work.  Be sure to check out her wonderful gallery here and show her your support!

Strawberry Shortcake by Elementis Happy New Year! by Elementis Gran Pulse Warrior - FFXIII Contest by Elementis Kagerou Project - Ene by Elementis Fruit chibi by Elementis FFXIV Minions by Elementis Pokemon Go : Spark / Team Instinct by Elementis Inktober 01 - Dryad by Elementis art vs artist by Elementis


Thank you so very much for taking the time to visit these artist's profile pages and galleries!  As artists, it's important to know that our work is being seen and appreciated by others.  Don't forget to leave comments on their art, as well!  Actual verbal and written feedback (not just Faves!) is the best way to show your support and encouragement for others, even if only to say how much you like their art!  It truly does inspire people to keep creating and sharing their work with us and a few nice words can go a long way for many artists.

Thanks again and I hope you have a wonderful day!  God bless,

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Thanks for the feature man! :)