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Love this! We are actually holding space themed video game art show, and this would do great at it! Entries are free, and if you want it to, we sell it and donate 100% to charities (Extra Life, JASMYN (LGBTQA+), and First Coast No More Homeless Pets.

We've even done a bunch of cosplay for an additional exhibit dedicated to the theme.

If you're interested, hit me up or you can send your art in at

Again, great work! 🙌

GAAM 2017 Art MPP-171 by ryanpaulthompson   Day 1 7 by ryanpaulthompson  
Gecko1993's avatar
Nice! Very Colorful; but I have one major criticism. The picture should be flipped horizontally as Samus' gun arm is always on the right. Not the left.
gyrfalcon65's avatar
ah i see fair enough :P
WhIppIng-b0y's avatar
How does it feel to have the most popular metroid picture on Da?
gyrfalcon65's avatar
eh? hah is that right? :) it feels great!
TheBritWriter's avatar
Like the image, is there anyway I can have the image for private use without watermark? I'll make sure it won't be shared to any other party.
JSenpaiDaNinja's avatar
It's got that 90's comic book feel to it.
XBusterUpgrade's avatar
Nice job! i love it!
Daebelly's avatar
Faving Ridley and Kraid at the same time? Yeesh. They're difficult enough to defeat on their own.
DirgeGUNinc's avatar
sic art d00d/d00dette. love the recreation of the SNES cover. As for the other m title, eh, other m is alright but certainly isn't my favorite (Prime, anyone?^^)
still, great job:D
msw1208's avatar
Thats from Super Metroid for SNES. I love that game! Awsome diviation!
gyrfalcon65's avatar
I only hope I did it justice :)
Twinkie5000's avatar
nice. it feels kinda old school.
MetroidDatabase's avatar
funny how this poster art is reversed (her cannon should be on her right arm)... never understood why. -_-;
gyrfalcon65's avatar
Is that right :O noooooooesss
SketchyOne's avatar
oomg this looks so cool :D really well done !!
gyrfalcon65's avatar
SketchyOne's avatar
i could imagine this as an actual comic cover !! :D the metroid font should be a bit bigger and fancier somehow for it tho in my opinion ^^ but furthermore the drawings are super neat :D
gyrfalcon65's avatar
True, hmmm... i checked your gallery too, you are doing great, keep at it. Its all about practice -.-
SketchyOne's avatar
ah well wow that is cool :o
i honestly am not at your level i know and admit it but as u said its all about practice and since i love to draw stuff :) i will definaetly keep onto it :) but man thank you very much !! thats some huge compliment i got there :D
SketchyOne's avatar
oh uhm also the coloring is super neat !!
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