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Big O Season 3 Pilot END

Big O Season 3 Pilot END

Big O Season 3 Episode 0, again. Roger and Leroy arrive at the disheveled office. Roger: "You know, I've gathered that you've had some rather...unpleasant relations with some former employees and business partners." Leroy: "Oh? Is that so Mr.Smith? And how exactly is that relevant to you?" As he said this, Leroy's eyebrow was twitching and the hand on his cane was trembling slightly. Roger: "I'm not trying to make an accusation here. I'm simply saying one of these past associates may have tried to frame you for the megadeus attack." Leroy: "Oh. Well, ok then. So basically someone who would've held a grudge?" Roger: "Yeah, a grudge. Do

Big O Fan-Fic Pilot PART 1

Big O Fan-Fic Pilot PART 1

Big O Season 3 Episode 0 (This takes place during Season 1) It's late at night. A customized 1960s style black Sedan is cruising down the street, driven by a caucasian man with a black flat-top haircut and wearing a black 2 breasted suit and sunglasses. Dialogue: "*My Roger Smith. I have a much needed job here in the city of amnesia...*" *Car turns corner.* Roger: "*...this city, known as Paradigm City, lost it's memory 40 years ago, with nobody having any recollection of anything that happened before that day. In spite of this, humans are adaptable creatures. They can make do, even without a history.*" As the car continu


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