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Finding old pics and trying to spruce them up .. man it is hard when ya is old. LOL

This was in the planes pit @ Acapulco, Gro MX

I was leaving to return home for the upteenth time.
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Such a lovely portrait, Gypsy :love:
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Oh my gosh that is soooooooo old. Ha ha Thank you!!! :hug:
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All my pleasure, dear :love:
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so photogenic- infectious smile! :lol:
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Thank you! <<blushing>> Son said my eyes and smile are my best features. I hugged him so hard when he said that.
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It's so nice to see you Gypsy you are a lovely miss sunshine :hug:
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Oh honey that pic is old but Thank you :hug:
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look at that Acapulco tan!! :D
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Yeah man ... LOL .... I thought that was a departure pic but it was an arrival pic. You should have seen me 2 weeks later. I was daaaaaaaaak. Where you been? I miss ya ... I love my new thingy ... I am so excuted and happy. Michaels email is not working for me. I have no clue what the deal is there.
Jellaboom's avatar it's a kentucky tan?? wow!

i've been playing games...i don't do art ALL the

so everything is working then with the new hd? cool

oh hey, you ever seen the Pyramid Collection catalog? now that i got your addy, i can send you all kinds of cool catalogs...hehehehe

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I used to get that catalog ... and I loved it. But ... when I moved I didn't get anymore. I love the stuff in those catalogs. They are soooooooooo me. I bought a white long dress from them that was very Goddess looking. I was going to wear it when I was "suppose" to get married 4 yrs ago. He got cold feet. Long story. I sold the dress to a girl here for here wedding. It is very gothic looking.

I am in love with this new HD :) I am right almost through with putting some files in .. and it is so fast. You have no idea how happy I am. I am starting to use Bryce. I want to learn to make scenes.

I got you dimensions for backgrounds and will try to make you some cool ones.
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ok cool..thanks...don't forget xenodream

i can fix that catalog fact i do it right
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I downloaded that thing and can;t find it .. and it put this funky thing on my firefox called 4Shared. I talked to Michael and he is going to get it for me if I can't do the torrent thingy I didn;t know what the hell I was doing. LOL
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Cool ... Thank you dahlin
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Very pretty. Nice to meet you!! :D
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You look so happy.
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That was a happy day .. I was on my way home to see my son. I missed him that 2 weeks I was down there .
I smile a lot ... I am basically happy Eoz, unless I get sick or something bad happens. I sit and laugh out loud when I am on here and read or see funny things, I LOL with my cats, I LOL on the telephone with my son, I don't like being sad and when I smile. I feel soooooooooooooo good. :hug: :iconmrslarryplz:

I am doing the exercises on my wrist for the tingling I get when I type.
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Good. I know they work. I had loads of women in my classes who had carpal tunnel probs. I used to get them to do the exercises and they did tell me it got better. All except one. She was just stubborn. I incorporated it into the regular class warm ups, so everyone did it regardless.

I also like to laugh a lot, however it has all been so hard and sad this past 7 years. I love being with people and so seldom ever am. Apart from Chris of course. He has been really great lately. Done tons of odd jobs about the place.

Even this evening he has been repairing the garage door. All his stuff is in there, at least he knows it will be safe now. I can't see anyone stealing it from there. Massive outside lights all over the car park. Lots of other garages, so people are about a great deal of the time. Anyway it is all insured now that it is in my garage and locked up.
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I know it is hard when you are alone ... but I have learned to handle it and live with it. I do what I want now and can sleep when I want .. etc etc and it feels good to have that freedom and not have to worry about anybody.

I do get my down days and if I call my son, I am then OK. I just miss them and he is so good to me. He is a sweety and is so loving and giving. He has no clue how much he is loved.

I have insurance for my place that runs me $15 a month .. and want it becaue you never know what can happen.

We had a bad storm hit here early this morning and the winds got so bad that it pulled one of those wrought iron 5ft tall hanging plant rods right out of the ground with my Boston fern on it. My trash can was across the culd'sac and I had to go get that. I went out of the patio and everything was fine on my patio but my next door neighbors furniture was out in the yard. I have to chase trash cans all of the time .. LOL ...
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:hug:sss.. This getting old business is complicated..
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Haaaaaaaa ... Yeah it is ... ha ha ha
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