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++Candy Man++


Tweaked the pic a bit for your viewing pleasure =3



A picture that answers whats at the heart of Willy's factory.......and wut Willy needs all them Oompa Loompa's for.:devilish:


Just saw the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.....I loved it....will see it totally inspired....and this is the result....

(ACK!! Am i the only one who keeps getting a freaking 'pedophile' vibe off of this pic? Or mebbe it's just mischeviousness shining in them eyes....hmmmm....i'm tired....)

Put all the brats in here getting their just desserts - except Charlie of course - but i really don't think any of um are gonna be walking out of the Chocolate factory....ever.... As for their parents...well......i think they're off lost some where*shrugs*. Otherwise i was just too damn lazy to draw them in, a girl can only do so much here people!!!

Oh and yea, this kinda looks...butchered-__-, the scanner really did it in, so i appologize for the horrific full view. I'll try and fix that if i can later.
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I can see where you'd get the ';pedo' vibe, but that's just normal! Everyone knows that Willy is a pedophile. Why else would he invite only children to his Chocolate factory. As for the That's all I can say. This is really well done. I really like this. Keep it up!
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excellent colour scheme and details, especially the hidden figures in the intricate designs, the boy looks simply traumatized ;)
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Girl, YOU are the queen of detail...Its so creepy yet so beautiful..(Yes, Im possibly biased because I'm a fan of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...and your work XD)...
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Wow. Something about the (drugged & frightened) look in Charlie's eyes makes me shudder, tho. Well done, esp like the sepia effect ...
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huh, what an very intriguing picture. This is very inspirational. :D
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Holy God. I just realized what CatCF means. I am such an ass.
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It's kinda like me going through my PotC faze and never knowing that talk-like-a-pirate-day was the day before my birthday.
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oh man! Thats hilarity at its best!!!
Hello, this picture is the best! I know I sould dumb saying that, but it's the truth. and I became bored today so I colored it. sorry is you get mad at me but I couldn't help it. it's just such great picture.

<img src="" alt="Image hosted by">
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Oh no no! I'm not mad at all!:aww: Actually quite honored that a person liked it enough to color^^;, tho the link doesn't work and i'm very curious to see wut your color version looks like!!=D Anywhere else that i might be able to see it??:) Or you could always upload it on DA if anything else =3.
:hug:Really glad you like the pic, can't stress that enough!
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I like how you did Wonka's hair; it kinda reminds me of Spike's (Cowboy Beebop.)
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Willy Wonka looks EXACTLY like Alex from A Clockwork Orange! maybe it's the big eyelashes on one eye, and the hat's a spooky resemblance!

very nice work
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lol, i was a bit into CO around the time of this pic^^;, so yes i suppose that resemblance was slightly intentional, tho not completely!=D
Thank you for looking by the way! Appreciate you doing so^_^.
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WOW!!!!!!!!! Your art is incredible!!!!! I absolutly love this, u love willy wonka as much as i do!
Gypsy-Rae's avatar
:giggle: Thankee! And who couldn't like Willy Wonka? Who i say!!XD
:hug:Appreciate you droppin in!
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that's actually a nice twist to it...but you might want to actually use a ruller for the frames and make it even all around
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Ah, thank you, thank you.:thanks: Sad thing is i didn't have a ruler - or anything remotely straight enough - to use at the time, which sucked...big time... But hah!! *holds up new rulers* Just got these bad boys a few days ago! Been using um like mad since:XD:
Uh..well anywho, thank you for the input and for looking!
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Awesome work! I love your style!:)
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:blush: Well gosh, thanks, i'm glad my art could 'possibly' be liked by someone who is as great of an artist as yourself=D. Oh, and thank you for taking the time to look at this^___^, really appreciated that!
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It was my pleasure! You have amazing talent, keep it up! :D
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Very cool. I like the sketchiness of it and how chaotic it seems.
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Ooo, very interesting. I don't get a pedophile vibe out of it, more just kinda creepy gothy. But I love all of the detail you put into this piece; it's obvious you worked hard on it. (Oh, and I loved the movie too... I kinda have a mini-obsession happening with it myself :D...) :+fav:
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