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Being a Gentleman isn't fun

Hehe, more Flapjack fanart to populate the interwebs! I can't help it, I'm in love with the show. ^^

I caught "the sweet life" episode of The Marvelous misadventures of Flapjack last night. I thought Flapjack looked so cute all done up as a "gentleman" even if he didn't like it! :aww:
So I drew Gentleman!Flapjack with his adorable lil lamb and what was SUPPOSED to be Charles presenting "Master Flapjack" but, eh, he doesn't look too Charles-y - his outfit and overall look is all wrong from the episode. I couldn't remember either his or Flapjacks outfits so I just used a bit of creative license, hurr hurr.

Blag, I lost the file that had ALL my layered color work on it to this pic *pouts*. It sucks but at least I didn't lose the entire thing, now that would have sent me over the edge....


Border - [link]

BG - [link]

Flapjack (c) Thurop Van Orman
Art (c) fugly but allll mine ;p
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Moar Powdah, Charles.
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Fucking awesome, man.
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This is so awesome! :heart: [it's from my favorite Flapjack episode, hehe]
Poor Flappy. I love his expression, though.~
The coloring is fantastic!
Nice job on this. :D
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ur art is amazing yo
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Ba says the lamb, the lamb says ba
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Looks great. :D The yellow tint gives it a nice... yellow-y look. XD;;;;
Gypsy-Rae's avatar
And of course everyone knows yellow = INSTAND WIN! 8D

Can't go wrong with a yellow-y look. ;p
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TRUE DAT. xD Yellow and blue. are. epic.
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Being a Gentleman isn't easy, but now it's not even fun! xDDDDDDD

Gypsy-Rae's avatar
Tis a shame really because gentlemen, in general, look sexy! Victorian gentlemen FTW! 8D

Jewel-Reaver's avatar
I agree to that 1000% 8D
BOOYAH <3333333333333

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I have yet to see that episode. ;~;
But I love this picture. lol That expression on Flapjacks face in the little bubble is so adorable. XD!
Gypsy-Rae's avatar
aww, tis ok! I'm sure they'll show it again sometime soon. =3 I've managed to catch it like 3 times off and on so SURELY you can too!
Astral-Agonoficus's avatar
Maybe s!o =O
I've been too caught up in Final Fantasy X lately to enjoy any kind of t.v. XD!!
Gypsy-Rae's avatar
...HA! I've been too caught up in Final Fantasy VI (and soon FFIV once i'm finished with VI) to watch TV myself! XD

Great minds game alike! 8D Har Har!
Astral-Agonoficus's avatar
Indeed they do! Har har har! 8B

Once I finish with FFX, I'm taking a step back and going to FFIX. It's been ages since I've played that one. xD I guess that FF decided that it was mad at us and smacked us hard across the face saying, "Hey! Stop watching that t.v and play me!"

As for me...I....couldn't say no. ;~;
Gypsy-Rae's avatar
Say no? To a Final Fantasy? NEVER!! 8D

Haven't played IX since it first came out, then again I'm more of a phan of the earlier FF's myself. So I guess after I get through FFVI and then FFIV I might just have to step WAY back in time and play the first FF since it's been AGES since I've played it. I guess If i were a true masochist I could dig out the old NES and game cartridge and play it in all it's buggy glory. XDD *suddenly feels ancient*

Anywho....for the love of Final Fantasy! :heart: May we phans live on!
Astral-Agonoficus's avatar
FF FTW! Lyke w00t!


The earliest FF I have played is IV, but the actual first one I ever played was VII. xD I have been wanting to play the really early ones, but I can't find'em. Dx Especially the first one. x_X;
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