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Artwork for footlocker

By Gypsy-Love
Here is just the artwork for the footlocker art prize..
here is the link to the shoe design>>

If you like it please go to the website [link]
and leave some positive feedback!
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© 2011 - 2021 Gypsy-Love
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marykrystal's avatar
love the colors :D
Gypsy-Love's avatar
=D thankyou! much appreciated
Adoptabelz's avatar
That's really pretty. The landscape gives the whole picture a magical look. however, I think the muzzle is a bit out of porportion. Maybe it's just my imagination. The eyes are bright and curious, too. Good work!
Gypsy-Love's avatar
you arent the first one to point that out. i think because the head is cropped you cant see the back of the skull which distorts it a bit. but thankyou for your compliments :)
ayuh's avatar
dont you have tutorials? i wish i could paint animals and landscapes like you do!
Gypsy-Love's avatar
thanks and for the fav too... I dont have any tutorials :( each painting is done slightly different i don't follow any sort of rules just keep painting until i'm happy with it
ayuh's avatar
ooh, thanks anyway n.n
tahliadenae's avatar
I love that I was browsing through the shareart/getwatchers site and YOU come up, Cherie! Great work, I love those colours!
Gypsy-Love's avatar
haha i saw u commented on someone elses work. i thought hey thats tahlia's avatar. i'll probably bump into you soon..
nankotsufangirl's avatar
Gypsy-Love's avatar
JJRRS's avatar
Nice job, good work.
xenokurisu's avatar
It's gorgeous @w@
Ashley1665's avatar
Ah... YOU JUST BLEW MY MIND! :) this is so pretty <3 the tiger x10
Gypsy-Love's avatar
=D glad to blow your mind hahaha!!!
fruitbatslyra's avatar
Wow! This is beautiful! :la:
Gypsy-Love's avatar
fruitbatslyra's avatar
Your very welcome! :D
devious-onigiri's avatar
wow, this is really awesome 0.0
Gypsy-Love's avatar
:woohoo: thanks! and for the fav too!! =D
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