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sometimes I miss you I don't understand why or how but the ache inside me becomes a physical saddness i can't bear... this isn't...
the echo of your laughter and the sounds of your tears the warmth of your hand over mine ... the tenderness in your every
touch.... is that a lie? I can see the rage in your eyes at the tearing honesty of lies to your every breath of trust... sometimes
I can't fathom how hard this really is... and then ... I realize why and it doesn't hurt so much to miss you
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a faceless endless void a voice beyond deapth and without reason words that flow like rapid waters lost
in windmills raindrops from clear blue skies. there is no sense to the rage
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there's this skit that sometimes plays in my mind... its just a few friends at the bar... one set of girls and one
of guys... girls talking and somewhat emotional to friends who listen... to the best friend that still tells her the
truth... the other guys with the bantar and bullshit and another round... as girls do... the guy bitching and wanting
to understand why the hell she's like that... and the girl wishing he just gave a fuck and could understand... then one
of the guys friends... an older fella with grey hair and a lotta soul in the eyes... just hands the kid a shot.. and replies...
because... she's having to explain to someone else... what she only wants to share with you. that's your place son...
who else is she going to run too... cry on another's shoulders, depend on someone else to share the burden of her day and the
stress of yours... to pretend she's stronger than she thinks she is but when she needs to break... you don't wanna'
hear it... what did ya think would happen?
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Mature content
insicurity :icongypsy-chip:Gypsy-Chip 0 0
there is nothing here by way of silence
the mind altering shades of light to ease the constants
simplify the reflection and listen to the softeness of fingertips
brittle lips hold back withered tongue
pearl white lies hang sweetly like the still shot of a hummingbirds wings.
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Mature content
... desire :icongypsy-chip:Gypsy-Chip 0 0
a dream remembered
I woke this morning with a smile to mirror the tears in my eyes, the gentle calm and pull of my longing for you
ever apparent when I wake alone... I smell your touch on my skin and your kiss on my lips. I feel the warmth
of your breath on my neck and my skin still prickles from the cool of the morning sun. I dreamt of you last night.
I dreamt of words yet to be said and of hands never left unheld, I saw your eyes and felt the intesity of your heart.
I told you the secrets of my heart and gave room to only you and God in my soul. You made promise of forever, and I
made admittance to the same... I woke this morning with the weight of all my life on an empty finger...
Until my waking hours mirror the wishes of my heart, I'll lay with you in this solitude and in my dreams find my love...
I looked to my hand and smiled knowing... I won't always have to dream.
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I couldn't
... I couldn't contain my smile late last night... I wish I couldn't every night.
   thank you for that.
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take down the walls and step out from the places I've been hiding. let myself be seen for all that I am... silly and sweet and insicure at times a firecracker held in too tight strings and wound up tightly while dancing in the rain... sparks flutter like fireflies and laughter hurts the hearts aching beat... smiling to hide the sincerity of my missing love and memories that made to bad dreams... letting go of long past history and trying to re-make the girl I was meant to be... talks with a mother that never quite mothered me forgiveness for a father that all but destroyed the innocence I should have been... a catalyst of experience and searching for the next moment leaving the present behind held forward by the past... there's nothing to hinder me but myself no-one to blame past my reflections and I see me clearly... a confusion of complexity and simplicity... all the good and most of the bad and still I stand and smile and let you see me... seeing you.
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... I know this is my fault...
I miss you.
I've no way to stop without you.
I don't want to be without you.
   Come here...
           give me the chance to never let you leave again.
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I felt my heart break today. I sat with my eyes focused around him, his blue eyes looking up at me with nothing but love... he searched the world without any fear with no comprehension and not one worry about the lack of certainty... his eyes so open and full of chance... I sat with my hand held tightly by another, one smaller and less worn than mine... I heard her voice in my ears and the way she looked at me... the words she said... how does she know me so well... we sat together and wasted the day away with one another...
I sat this afternoon with my heart swirling with memories and thoughts and emotions and knew... I will always love you... but I will never tell you again.
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do you miss me?
... I sometimes think I should wish you hadn't come... that you'd stayed away and waited longer that you had left me in my ignorance and kept me blind to the things I now am left seeing only in memories.
I sometimes think that you were better off not knowing how much you would affect me... wait did I say you... I might have meant me, but I know I'd be lying if I said that. I can't imagine I could ever be better without you... I am never without (thoughts of) you... I am alone. I go through the days now without you, like you said they couldn't stay the same... but they have... so now you are happy. I try to make myself believe you lied. I want to push my thoughts so far back into my heart that I can't feel them anymore. I don't want to erase you...but should I for a while? I wish my skin could forget your touch, that my mind would stop yearning for your eyes...I hear your voice in every dream... I wake up reaching for your chest knowing there's no-one there... Why if things couldn't sta
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wedding annoucment?
she'll be wearing white and a smile, with her hair pulled up...possibly  with a long white veil...
he'll be in black with a bow tie maybe, crooked of course and shiny shoes with dirt on the soles
the best man will fidget and try his best not to drop the ring, while he smiles sweetly hoping no-one saw him searching his pockets... again.
the maid of honor will smile in adoration at the little man trying to look so grown up...
the matron of honor will glow with love and her smile will light the room...
I'll be wearing another gown... with a smile and wishful thinking... watching my brother's eyes as all else follow the bride to her groom...
    With all the best wishes to my brother and his bride to be... November will hopefully make your forevers come true.
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Mature content
Blah, blah, blah. :icongypsy-chip:Gypsy-Chip 0 0
this isn't me... the weak and sad and sorrowful
the tears and moments of silence that turn to hours without words
this isn't me anymore... I'm not the girl that smiles to avoid looking like I have these emotions I won't let myself be the one that pretends it's all a fairy tale or just a dream
there's no need to hide my eyes or turn my back to the life I've found and the future I'll create there's no reason to hide myself away from the friends I've made and the goals I've set and the time I've been given to myself...   this isn't me defenseless and without the walls I've always danced atop...I can't be the one who let herself be broken... not even if it is.    I'm sorry... I'm not always strong... but I can't be this weak anymore.  I can't deny who I am... and I'm nothing less than so much more than that.
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I used to go there when I thought I had no home...
I used to go there before I knew it could be safe...
I still go there knowing... it is home
I would turn the key and walk in... smiling knowing open arms waited for me
I could hear her voice in the kitchen , or the chatter from the other side of the couch, see his shadow and the smoke from a cigarette
I could still feel my eyes lightenen from the moment they said he's the key we'll see you when you get home... and I feel at ease knowing, I can belong without having to fight
I turn the key and pause... I walk in while still dragging my feet, slightly... nothing enough for anyone to notice... every time I walk through the door now there's a memory there wasn't there before.   
     "Daddy, I'm home"    ... "I know baby. (as he hugs me) it'll be ok"
  ... I've only brought family home, now a ghost instead... and it hurts like hell.
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