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Not your choice
"S-shadow was here? Looking for me?" Sonic questioned softly, lifting the patch of black and red fur from Kimber's shoulder. The big cat flinched lightly. This wasn't going to end well...
"He was, but I chased him off." Kimber began hesitantly, choosing his words carefully, "He's bad news, kid. Last time you saw him, he tried to kill you."
Sonic didn't understand, "But did you ask him what he wanted? Maybe he had a good reason to be here." the blue hero turned to peer out of the rocky den, watching the entrance of the Pits as if he expected his wounded friend to come back.
The cougar began to lose his patience, "I think you're missing the point-"
"He was my friend-"
"He tried to kill you!" the cat stressed, reaching to take the tuft of pelt from the teen. Sonic pulled back, keeping the fur out of reach.
"So, you just attacked him?" Sonic's ears turned back, "W-what if he was here to bring me home? What if they found out I was innocent?"
"They wouldn't have. They won't look, kid." Kimber grabbed the boy and pulled him back away from the edge of the den, "They decided your guilt, and Surface-Walkers never change their minds once we're down here. We're dead as far as they're concerned."
The blue speedster resisted the pull, still watching for his friend, "But why would he come down here then?"
Kimber swallowed thickly, "Maybe he was looking for revenge-"
"But he wouldn't. I never hurt him, and he's not the kind of guy to get revenge for someone else... Aside from his sister, but she's dead..."
"Well maybe-"
"Maybe nothing Kimber! You didn't give him a chance! Was he looking for me or not?"
".... Yes." the cat conceded defeat, ears lowering as he waited for the inevitable. "He was looking for you, and asked if I knew where you were."
Sonic recoiled from the cougar's side as if he'd been burnt, "S-so you lost me my chance to g-go home?" Kimber felt his stomach clench as tears began to well in the teen's eyes, "Y-you got me trapped h-here forever?"
"Listen, you don't understand-"
Sonic exploded in distraught rage, "I'm gonna be down here forever, and it's your fault! Why didn't you tell him where I was, why didn't you let me see him?! I'm gonna die down here! I don't wanna be down here I wanna go home!"
"I couldn't let you leave kid, I need you!"
"That wasn't your choice to make!!"
Stay away from him
Kimber fights off Shadow successfully, a first loss for the Ultimate Lifeform. As long as the lion hybrid is around, no one can get to Sonic to bring him back to the surface.
"Now that you've finally settled down and adjusted, the ones who hurt you have returned. I won't let them find you. You'll never know they were here. I will dispose of them. Then, they will never hurt you again."
A dark and aggressive individual with no pity for the other inhabitants of the Pits. He believes himself to be a god, and enjoys forcing others to do his will. He has the ability to warp time and space, but he cannot move himself through his own portals.

DO NOT re-post my artwork anywhere without permission!!!
Heyo, to anyone peering at my profile, you may notice I've posted a lot of art in a really short span of time. I've been drawing Sonic art for a long time, and now that I finally got off mu rear-end and made a deviantart page, I can start posting it here as well as my main location on Inkbunny. Many of my posts will be edited multiple times while I get everything set up, and most will have just the bare minimum of a description. I will add more information as time goes on, since I don't like to give spoilers for my AUs.
In the profile description, it states this is a fanart account for a different account, but as of now this is my new main DeviantArt account.

So, a bit about me: I am a young adult who loves Sonic the Hedgehog, Yaoi shipping, and creating AUs. I post my stories on for anyone who is interested in reading them.


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