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Gimp Furr Brushes



Many thanks in advance to those who've faved this! ^_^

Just for furr and hair.
Some brushes I made, others I adapted.

Use the smudge tool with these also.


1) Click the "Download" Button to your Right.
2) Save to folder of your choice
3) Unzip the contents
4) Just place them into (copy to) your Gimp brushes folder and chose them from the brushes menu.
(in Linux it is in: /home/<your username>/.gimp-2.2, in Windows it's in C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\.gimp-2.2)

You may also have to check off a box (or make sure it's checked off) in the "Folders" section of Gimp (Start Gimp up > File > Preferences > Go down to "Folders" and there will be check boxes that you have to click on.) Otherwise, the contents of the Brushes folder will not show up.
See this screenshot for an idea of what to expect: [link]
For Gimp 2.6 (thanks to GimpTalk Forums [link])
put them in C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\.gimp-2.6\brushes.
Or even better is add new folders and link them from the Gimp preferences .( Edit/preferences/folder )
For Windows 7 users, the brushes need to go in C:\users\<name here>\.gimp 2.6\brushes .
If you still don't understand, see this video by Rich of the Gimp User Group:

You can go here for any questions about Gimp: [link]
or here: [link]
Gimptalk might go down every now and then, so if that happens, there's another place to go with your questions: [link]
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Anyone know where to put brushes in 2.10 on a Mac, i can;t find a brushes folder in the GIMP folder!