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All Pokemon Elemental Types!!!
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Published: February 20, 2013
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I did the logos for aaall the elemental types :3 When present, i used the TCG logos, i invented the others. (Yes, the Dragon logo is an official TCG type [link])

U P D A T E:
Ok, since a lot of you asked, i modified the pic to make more clear that Cosmic and Magic are invented and not actual official types! Why i added them? Because it's fun!

AND NOW FINALLY I ADDED LIGHT TYPE BY POPULAR DEMAND!! I added also Sound Type, so to complete the fandom-invented series.. now the main ones are all represented :}

So, the small logos are invented/side types: Magic, Cosmic, Light, and Sound are frequent in fandom (also there's talk over the introduction of a magic/fairy type in gen VI) while "???" isn't really a type, but more of an extra characteristic added in the game for coding purposes.. besides, it's still listed as a type by Bulbapedia.

Talking of copyright.. i'm not a copyright nazi.. here on deviantart I've seen people threatening to lose any glimmer of reasonableness if they only had the suspicion that crumbs of their work had been used without permission. ... No, I'm not like that, but even though I'm glad that my work is appreciated and used inside this small pokemon community, I kindly ask you to ask for permission and let me know if you want to use these logos! Thanks :peace:

WHOA... wait a minute... a Daily Deviation??? Hahah this is CRAZY!! I want to thank you :iconprincepal: for having suggest it! :D This is TREMENDOUSLY encouraging, i quite feel like it is a little undeserved with all that stunning artists out there XD but i'm speechless really! Thank you everyone! Huge thank you's also to all of you commenting on the piece or just stopping by!! I'm very happily overwhelmed at the moment with all of it, but I'll stop in and comment back as well!
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GoreyBirthdayNew Deviant
I’d be cosmic.
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PastelokuNew Deviant

If I were to be one of those, I'd be a Magic type.

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CMOSsPhotographyHobbyist Photographer
Hi may I ask permission to use these in my indie game? I will credit you
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You still haven't added Fairy in?
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"Magic" could ironically be "Fairy", which was canonized as of X/Y.
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TheUropoRegionStudent Digital Artist
I think they could add an "artificial" type which could be used on mewtwo, genesect, type:null, electrode an other pokemon but implementing it might be hard.
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ShingarofurryZygardeStudent General Artist
Good times when fairies doesn't exist.
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'cause I certainly LOVED being completely flattened by all Dragon teams. Oh, your Ice user is dead? Sucks to be you!
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Cosmic is Strong against: Fire, Rock, and Steel
Cosmic is Weak against: Ghost, Psychic, Poison, and Fighting

Light is Strong against: Ice, Dark, Ghost
Light is Weak against: Grass, Fire, Dark

Magic is Strong against: Normal, Fighting, Fairy, Magic
Magic is Weak against: Magic, Dragon, Ghost

Sound is Strong against: Water, Ice, Flying
Sound is Weak against: Electric, Steel, Normal
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ryanthescooterguyProfessional Photographer
Don't forget to add Fairy!
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I think Cosmic is my favourite Fakemon type. Probably because tons of Pokemon and attacks are too space-y for Psychic type, and that's probably the only thing they could be without a Cosmic type.
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AzabacheSilverHobbyist General Artist
Beautiful work! :D
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Is there a fakemon with the last type?
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flipuuuStudent Digital Artist
In Pokemon sun, i have (get ready)...
and many more 
reply if u wanna see more
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I'm really not into Pokemon, but I have to say, these look really cool. 

My only personal quibble is that the Ghost icon looks a bit too....simple, and personally, I think a biohazard symbol would be a cooler icon to use for the Poison Type logo. Also, this probably should be updated with the new Fairy Type that's out now.

But, that's just me.

Other than that, these are really cool, and I really like your take on the Fakemon types you put in here.

I'm also curious to know how you made these type logos/icons.
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JK-KinoHobbyist Digital Artist
Looks like you got your "magic" type since making this.
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KenTheNekomataHobbyist Digital Artist
We already have Cosmic Magic Light and sound Type.

Cosmic will forever be psychic, Magic will forever be fairy, Light is pretty much Fairy and Electric, and Sound is normal for legal reasons.
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IndigoWizardHobbyist Digital Artist
magic is also psychic, considering Kadabra, Gardevoir, and Xatu
KenTheNekomata's avatar
KenTheNekomataHobbyist Digital Artist
There isn't much lore to a Sound typing, except for Music.
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taelindraconisHobbyist General Artist
I was following your element comparison logic and was COMPLETELY on par with your deduction: silent head nod and all.

Then your reasoning for Sound was read and my drink, which I had been consuming up until this point, redecorated my screen in a fit of laughter and joy. XD
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KenTheNekomataHobbyist Digital Artist
Instead of calling it sound, call it voice.
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IndigoWizardHobbyist Digital Artist
wait, what is wrong with the word sound?
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