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Am I my brother's keeper?
Do we keep ourselves in check?
Or are we more like William,
your success mine to deflect?

Remember that first fight we
had inside our mother's womb?
Well maybe you were right then
and there's just not enough room.

I think we want the same thing
and it's just too hard to say.
I want to be the good son
and to win this game we play.

We hold up our own mirrors.
Your frown rests upon our face.
"The Other's so much better,"
and we both take second place.

I'm coveting what you have and the life that you have built;
so jealous of your green grass and ashamed of all my silt.
I'm sinking to the same doubts that have anchored my whole life.
A worry wraps 'round my neck: My once and future strife.
You see me as a clipper, sure of purpose, set in course.
But all I see is ocean and mirrors without remorse.
Just a little something for Cosmosys' 19th exhibit, "Home."
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January 8, 2016
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