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It's not always nature
that does us in.
Sometimes it's abstract things
under our skin.
We say, "Where is she,
lover I long for?
Tell her I need her;
then tell her I need her more."

We simply crave love,
and we can't get enough.
We hold on so tight.
We want to soak it up
until we feel full,
and we can be whole again;
and forget who we were
back where we've been.

It's never been easy
to pull yourself back above
the ocean we envy
that claims to drown us in love.
I wish that were the answer,
then we could lay this to rest
by diving in headfirst
and choosing to hold our breath.
Created for Cosmosys exhibit XIII "Overdosed."…
This is yet another example of me writing new lyrics to the songs I listen to. I actually, sung it for Joeri, but I don't think I'm going to subject anyone else to that trauma.
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Submitted on
January 12, 2014


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