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Come soon
sun, you bright example
of days post nights long trampled;
cold and alone.

Shine on
with warmth, the barest sample
of optimisms ample;
brothers and sons.

Is this your idea
of forgiveness?
Is this what you call
our family?
I know you hurt mom.
Did you know you hurt me?

You've grown
so sideways, sick, and twisted;
a brother, only listed
with a curse

Everyone's dead.
Your hands are bloody ones.
I've played "alone"
now I'm truly
the only son.

I'm setting out to start again.
I'll find a new home;
and, I pray, new kin
among brand new suns
and a new system.

So come soon sun,
you example
of days not trampled,
cold or alone.
Stupid title length requirements...
artistic vision...*grumble**grumble*

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October 19, 2009
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