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Am I glass?
Do I control the way that light should pass
through my appendages? A simple mask
to keep all my insides in.

When you ask,
"Is this the real you?" I could draw a map
of all the little lies that I have spat
in the faces of my friends.

No, don't go.
I don't know how to live here on my own.
You are the enemy I've always known
and the crutch I hide within.

I'm so cold.
Keep up appearances; I'm in control
of my own destiny - or so I'm told.
If that's a lie I'll pretend

that I'm free.
I just need to recognize the real me.
Past all my faults and all my falsities
lies a good man and his sins.

Only human,
I make mistakes but do the best I can
to live this honest life an honest man
letting all the best parts in.
Just a little something I wrote a while ago. It reads to the tune of a Kevin Devine song in my head, but you can read it anyway you want.

It was included in Cosmosys' latest exhibit "Self-Portrait."
Check it out: [link]
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April 30, 2013
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