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Damn Dirty Redcoats

This is my very first full digital painting.
I'm sure there are some things that could be fixed, namely the hands, but I'm quite tired.

[link] - by :icontigg-stock:
[link] - by :iconfantasystock:
[link] - by :iconprincess-of-shadows:
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This is very beautiful. I think my favorite detail is the CMYK teeth...
extondude's avatar
i'm offended... i'm british you see, old chum, and quite the fan of said redcoats, they did this nation proud during the 17th and 18th centuries...

lol jk lad, i'm not offended
kwncy's avatar

I wanna let you know that i featured you
in my journal. check out here: [link]

thank you.
AndrewGago's avatar
wow very nice when can i buy the shirt?
Gymdawg's avatar
You'd have to ask the fine staff over at DBH about that.
tre0001's avatar
holy shit Gymdawg. amazing.

-Undiscovered Artist.
SzGfx's avatar
Looking good, Gym.
: D
Gymdawg's avatar
Thanks, Skate.
HyperCannon's avatar
Wow dude, great first digipaint, good to see you understand shadows and highlights in clothes :3
It looks familiar somehow...
Jayteare's avatar
dope job mate ;o maybe work on a bg nao?
Gymdawg's avatar
You owe me faves, J.

And I have no idea what to do or where to start.
I'll probably get it simple; a few textures perhaps.
Jayteare's avatar
yea that could be a good start mate o;
Suntro's avatar
Oh yes, very nice work. First digital painting? Your quite talented.
Gymdawg's avatar
Thanks a lot.
Just out of curiosity, can you fullview this?
It never loads for me so I'm not sure if I have to reupload it or something.
Suntro's avatar
I couldn't a minute ago but I can now. Did you fix it?
Gymdawg's avatar
I didn't do anything.

Of course, I've just realized that I forgot to give the jacket a back so I have to reupload anyway :P
Suntro's avatar
I guess it was just deviantarts fault then.

Oh yeah, I hadn't noticed that.
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