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Am I my brother's keeper?
Do we keep ourselves in check?
Or are we more like William,
your success mine to deflect?
Remember that first fight we
had inside our mother's womb?
Well maybe you were right then
and there's just not enough room.
I think we want the same thing
and it's just too hard to say.
I want to be the good son
and to win this game we play.
We hold up our own mirrors.
Your frown rests upon our face.
"The Other's so much better,"
and we both take second place.
I'm coveting what you have and the life that you have built;
so jealous of your green grass and ashamed of all my silt.
I'm sinking to the same doubts that have anchored my whole life.
A worry wraps 'round my neck: My once and future strife.
You see me as a clipper, sure of purpose, set in course.
But all I see is ocean and mirrors without remorse.
:icongymdawg:Gymdawg 0 0
Oh dear, Lord, what have I done?
I spoke Your word and You took their sons.
Now the mamas and the papas all curse my name.
You took their lives, I took the blame.
Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
I turned wrath and pride against my kin.
So grant me the mercy of which You tell;
send me to Heaven and not to Hell.
Tell me, Lord, was this not wrong?
We cry and we bleed, but not for long.
Our short lives are full of pain
that we cherish joy when it comes again.
So give me another cheek to turn:
A pool for their rage to boil and burn.
Lead these lost souls right back to You
through desert sands that shine our shoes.
My flock is lost, they dance and sing
for a golden calf when You are King.
Will You punish them to punish me
and turn their songs to silence and sleep?
Life is a gift that You take away.
You stomp and storm and You close The Gate.
For all Your power and all Your might
You're fickle like a child and You're rarin' for a fight.
:icongymdawg:Gymdawg 18 10
The Ocean
It's not always nature
that does us in.
Sometimes it's abstract things
under our skin.
We say, "Where is she,
lover I long for?
Tell her I need her;
then tell her I need her more."
We simply crave love,
and we can't get enough.
We hold on so tight.
We want to soak it up
until we feel full,
and we can be whole again;
and forget who we were
back where we've been.
It's never been easy
to pull yourself back above
the ocean we envy
that claims to drown us in love.
I wish that were the answer,
then we could lay this to rest
by diving in headfirst
and choosing to hold our breath.
:icongymdawg:Gymdawg 0 0
The Road West
I had that dream again;
the one with the wife and kids.
I woke along the trail,
bottled fire bruising my ribs.
I lost at counting cards
so count me among the first
to dot this new terrain
in drops of my failing worth.
There's far too much sun
and too much earth.
It swims out west where
we die of thirst.
Our terrors come at night,
silver tongues licking their lips.
I woke covered in sweat
and I knew that we won't live.
I've lost my way, oh Lord.
I don't know what I'm worth,
but bleed this newborn son
to bless this haunted dirt.
There's far too much sun
and too much earth.
It swims out west where
we die of thirst.
For want of freedom
and destiny
I gave my body and
the rest of me.
:icongymdawg:Gymdawg 1 0
Steel Castles
I was a fragile youth
clawing my way towards truth.
Soaking in mystery,
I questioned everything.
I said, "There has to be
a meaning for misery,
a reason the days are long,
a reason these nights feel wrong."
Can I keep you?
Can I hide you away?
Will you leave me?
Will you ever change?
I sit in a big steel house,
its windows a gaping mouth;
a fortress atop the trees,
a keeper of all I see.
This life holds no mystery
or meaning. We build and breach
these castles that cannot keep
us safe from ourselves.
Can I flee you?
Can I keep you away?
Will you leave me?
Will you let me change?
Can I fight you,
cynical man I've made?
Will you leave me?
Will you let me change?
:icongymdawg:Gymdawg 17 15
Twenty Years
We're icebergs
disguising as ships.
We float along so aimlessly and
crash into this shit!
I can't make
the things you create.
You give and give and give and give and
all I do is take
what I want
and what I deserve.
Our boys are yours. Our girl is yours. Anne,
you've sure got some nerve!
Nobody loves me
like I do.
I push everyone away
and find someone new.
We're clean clothes
lying on the floor.
We love and leave and love and leave like
two revolving doors!
I should have
the praise and respect
of everyone and everything that
I have ever met.
Life is hard,
but I carry on.
You think what you want, but know this, Anne:
I'm never alone.
Nobody loves me
like I do.
I push everyone away
and find someone new.
We're children
hiding from a fight.
We close our eyes and close our ears, but
there's no end in sight.
I still love
all the things we made.
Though they turn their backs and walk away,
that will never change
how I feel.
What a thing to know:
Twenty years as a Godly man; Anne,
you reap what
:icongymdawg:Gymdawg 21 9
While You Are Mine
He said:
"I'm giving up, I'm dying alone;
heart on my sleeve, arm cut to the bone.
Reach out your hand and get pushed away.
Life is lonely so why should I stay?
She said:
Life is lonely, you're right about that.
We love 'til we can't and can't go back.
We flicker, then shine, then disappear.
Only you and I'll know we were here.
So let's sing 'Lay Me Down'
and admit we need this now.
There's exactly enough time
left in the sands while you are mine."
He said:
"There's a sadness that bubbles below.
It's calling out to swallow me whole.
Take my hand and I'll drag you back down;
away from the light, under the ground."
She said:
"That's a darkness that you have to fight.
It won't be easy, but it's what's right.
You don't need my hands, but here they are.
Take what you need to cover your scars.
Then I'll sing 'Lay Me Down'
because I know you need this now.
Maybe it's not the right time,
but I want you so I'll make you mine."
She said:
"I don't love you like I did before.
I tried to fake it, b
:icongymdawg:Gymdawg 24 13
Long Road
I'm burning every last bridge I never thought I'd need.
They tethered me to people now suddenly set free.
So roam around the country. Travel from place to place.
Find a single voice that will match your single face.
Spread your wings and go.
With no one left to keep you safely from your big dreams,
you can find your answers. You can learn how to breathe.
I don't aim to chain you or force your lips to sing.
I won't cage a free bird. You're not a mantle piece.
Spread your wings and go.
If you return we'll know...
I know that it's scary so high above the ground,
but to know how far you've come, Darling, you must look down.
Trust yourself to stay strong and know you'll be okay.
You can live for tomorrow and still enjoy today.
So spread your wings and go.
If you return we'll know
that this was meant to be.
So spread your wings and go.
If you return we'll know
that this was meant to be.
It's always you and me;
but I know it's a long road.
:icongymdawg:Gymdawg 1 0
From His Old Branches
Loose words on loose leaves
reveal the old me
I don't want to be anymore.
Burning down my bad luck,
standing tall and unstuck,
I'm gonna take on the world!
I'm the flash birth of a new leaf
from the branches of his old tree.
I'm gonna be fine.
I won't stay anchored to my mistakes
and grounded by an old heartbreak.
She's gonna be mine.
A Ship lost at sea,
kicking and screaming;
I don't want that metaphor.
Swallowing that old pain,
coughing up my old shame,
I'm gonna conquer the world!
These new lenses that I see through
hide all those old shades of untrue.
Suddenly, I see change.
A dark fractured glass reflection
shows the good man I've always been.
Suddenly, I'm the same.
I'm a sinner
and a savior.
I'm the man of my dreams.
I'm gonna be fine.
I'm both the man
and the mirror.
And the man of her dreams.
I'm gonna be fine.
:icongymdawg:Gymdawg 1 2
Glass Housing
Am I glass?
Do I control the way that light should pass
through my appendages? A simple mask
to keep all my insides in.
When you ask,
"Is this the real you?" I could draw a map
of all the little lies that I have spat
in the faces of my friends.
No, don't go.
I don't know how to live here on my own.
You are the enemy I've always known
and the crutch I hide within.
I'm so cold.
Keep up appearances; I'm in control
of my own destiny - or so I'm told.
If that's a lie I'll pretend
that I'm free.
I just need to recognize the real me.
Past all my faults and all my falsities
lies a good man and his sins.
Only human,
I make mistakes but do the best I can
to live this honest life an honest man
letting all the best parts in.
:icongymdawg:Gymdawg 1 0
This fool that keeps beating desperately needs to stop
sending my feet wandering down paths I shouldn't walk
towards figures in the distance seen as perfect silhouettes
who always seem to vanish more the closer that they get
to me.
I know I'd hold my breath forever if she would only ask.
I'd hide nitrogen safe in my lungs until my face turns black.
Maybe now it's finally time to set my backup plan in motion:
I've been hiding maps in bottles, time to cast them in the ocean.
Find me.
Like a net spread wide to capture fish as they swim by,
I'll wade into the waters of an extroverted life.
No more nights spent dreaming of a girl I know by name
who doesn't know, or doesn't care, and doesn't feel the same
about me.
As I cling tightly to the raft on which I am adrift,
I count my stars and sing these bars and call each breath a gift.
I know this life is fleeting, full valleys and of crests -
never one without the other. Knowing that I know how best
to save me.
These metaphors and similes I lov
:icongymdawg:Gymdawg 10 10
Ten Years at Sea by Gymdawg Ten Years at Sea :icongymdawg:Gymdawg 1 2
Ghost of a Girl
I close my eyes at night
and pray that I won't see your face,
at least until sunrise,
but dreaming offers no escape.
Sunlight pours from the blinds
and shines through all this dusty air.
A flood of floating diamonds
illuminates what you left stranded here.
Every hallway mirror
is a liar playing tricks in the light;
holding my thoughts captive,
conspiring to keep you in my sight.
The walls seem to whisper
every laugh and word that meant the world
to one lost little boy
fighting shadows with a ghost of a girl.
:icongymdawg:Gymdawg 4 3
Time Turner
Every little thought running through my little head
is a stream of consciousness dammed up.
The words all go unsaid.
As you pretend you don't like talking,
I'll Mr. Mime what I can't say.
Instead of moving forward, we'll rewind the pain away.
Holding hands on a clockface,
turning time counter-clockwise
'til Sleepless in Seattle becomes one more peaceful night
where we both dream of genies
with big smiles that show our teeth
and I don't have to wake and watch you count electric sheep.
Every little word whispered in my little ear
is another goddamn cliche,
but it's what I want to hear.
You just pretend it's not a problem.
I'll click my heels and go back home;
where Home was once a person, now she's only skin and bone.
I'd hold my breath forever
if you said I looked good in blue.
Even though it might prove fatal, it's something to hold on to.
"I know we're all just addicts",
as I pour a second glass.
This sand goes down like fire, still these seconds never pass.
:icongymdawg:Gymdawg 3 0
The Looking Glass
I put all my thoughts down in scribbled pen and ink
so years from now and miles away they'll form a chain that links
all of my ideas into a tapestry
of all the names and places that bled and ran from me.
I've got books full of pages full of ink that never dries
forming my collection of self-indulgent lies.
I made myself a victim, I've got myself to blame.
Lost again in dreaming, nothing's really changed.
I welcomed in a monster and shared with them my bed.
"Above and below: equals", that was what we said.
Blood left on the contract where she made her mark:
a deal well-sealed with kisses and a knife-wound in the dark.
Everywhere I go I bring my looking glass
so now I can spot dangers before they cross my path.
But I've made a habit of looking inwardly
where only liars and demons are smiling back at me.
I wave to my new friends and becon them "come near".
I tell them all my secrets and they whisper in my ears
of tea-time in the forest, of jabberwoks and Queens,
of words loosed from loose
:icongymdawg:Gymdawg 5 2
The Anniversary
Perhaps this is a mystery best left unsolved.
Please put Scoob and The Gang back behind your walls.
I'll just take these boxes and rebuild my fort,
then draw up the bridge 'cause I don't need support
-- and definitely not from you.
So lash out, then back down, then come up with fists.
You're crazy. It's over. Look, we were just kids.
So lash out, then back down, come swinging again.
There's no way in Hell that we can stay friends.
Maybe you should stop jumping, leave this princess unfound.
I'm not as worthwhile as you make me sound.
Just save all the memories that you keep so close
to the heart you put on paper between all your notes.
I'm sorry I couldn't love you.
So lash out, then back down, then come up in tears.
I know I'm crazy, I'm all my worst fears.
I'm stupid and ugly, a self-centered bitch.
Don't wanna die lonely, but I know I'm shit.
Leave me alone. No, I don't want to talk.
You've hit this wall before, don't act so shocked.
I'm not your lover. I'm not forever young.
I'm a c
:icongymdawg:Gymdawg 3 2


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I make video games and occasionally art.
So I've been working on this game, right.
It's called "Kitchen Krashers" and it's awesome.

You can watch a very low-quality version of all 3 teams here:…
HD video of only my team's presentation can be seen here:…

HD game footage should be done uploaded by the end of today.
My internet sucks so it takes forever.

Oh, and you can download an play Kitchen Krashers here:
I suggest you get 3 friends and play 4-player, it's more fun that way.



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