24 Hour Pudgie Sale going on now!

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The sale lasts all day today, Thursday, May 29th! 12am - 11:59pm, EST! Order form link below!

Pudgie Charms are $15usd for the next 24 hours only! Regular price $20. Shipping: $3usd in US, $7usd international.
That is an original hand sculpted charm for $18usd within the US & $22usd total to ANYWHERE else! :D

Charms from this sale are available for shipment as well as AC pickup!

How it works:

- A special sale commission form is linked below! Fill it out to get started!
*Hugging pudgie orders can be filled out in one form.

- Pudgie charms, regularly $20usd, are $15USD Shipping: $3usd in US, $7usd international. There is no extra charge for shipping multiple items to the same address.

- The hand sculpted charm, beads, necklace cord, attachments, keyrings, etc are all included in the price above.

- Payment is due at the time of commissioning. My reply to your commission form will include my Paypal payment information.

- The turn around time for these is estimated at 4-5 weeks.

- I will email you a photo for approval on completion and acquire your current shipping information at that time. You will also be notified the day it is shipped. I will not ship without a confirmation from you of your shipping address!

- I can sculpt any species, breed, or original character!

- The commissions will be completed in the order they are received. They may or may not be streamed live. Please let me know if it is a gift that you would prefer not be streamed!

What they look like :

- Pudgie Charm- $15usd. Shipping: $3usd in US, $7usd international  (Today, May 29th until 11:59pm EST only!)


- Hugging Pudgie Charms- $30usd. Shipping: $3usd in US, $7usd international (Today, May 29th until 11:59pm EST only!)


If you'd like to pick up your purchase from this sale at AC just include it in the "due date" slot on the form that will be provided when the sale begins! I have a table in the dealer's room there, L17. :)

Many other types of commissions are open too. Along with AC preorders for Derps & shotglasses. Information about them can be found here:

Pudgie Sale Order Form is located here!>


If you have any questions not covered above, feel free to ask!

Thanks SO SO much for checking out my sale!
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