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Beautiful colors!

Making cool colors warm tones is a lovely implementation you create here, the glow of the city in contrast the the warmth of the low light environment does catch the eye. My critique is, that you have three focal points the woman and animal in the foreground, the city and the sky. The fourth one would be the lining of the two hills. Your use of space is very good to show the low lying bowl where the farming happens but the lining of the hills cuts off the right and left as the highest points where the hills hike up too. Perhaps adding more volume of rounding multiple hills will make them seem larger and thicker that will also give you more lighting to bounce off of. The body of the human figure looks almost like its coming out of the ground, similar to a tangent due to the placement, that is an easy fix but I just wanted to mention it. Your color palette is lovely and you really have a talent for warming cool colors.

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I want to live here

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All of your artworks are so inspiring and beautiful<3

Mystically Beautiful

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