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November 1, 2012
Fiery by *gyaban
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All the photos and processing by me.

This one was a lot of work to achieve, and I am quite happy about the result.

First, I had to buy lots of feathers, which I found in a creative decorations store. I bought different sizes and shapes of them, in order to be able to pick the most appropriate ones depending on the wing area. While shooting them was the easy part, arranging them on the screen in order to look like giant wings was intense, and took me quite a few hours before reaching a satisfactory result.

The day after, I made a fire at night, and took several hundreds of shots, in order to have a good amount of differently shaped flames. It was really important to shoot them against a pure black background, in order to ease their insertion in the picture (layers in screen mode make black transparent automatically, handy): the camera was set with that in mind. I also shot some smoke (using a lateral flash) to use as a texture above fire.

The background was simply created using a sky shot, and rocks that were deformed a bit and positioned vertically, to constitute these strange mountain peaks.

Last but not least, posing half naked was also an interesting experience, since it was a bit cold that day ;-)

I hope some will like the result!

Oooh, thank you so much for the DD! It's an incredible honor, I'm very proud :-)
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