A goodbye to Linda Girardin. Rest in Piece.

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I've tried to keep this to myself but now is the time to talk about it. Some of you already know and I wish there were better circumstances to inform everyone but with the pandemic & the nature of the illness we didn't have any other option.

My family and I, we've been care-giving for my mom for over a decade and today she has passed on.

She had primary progressive aphasia, a rare form of a rare illness & over the span of a few years she was taken from us in spirit. Losing more and more of herself, ability to do math, reading, writing, her art, then talking, understanding.

She was a skilled artist with paints and clay, using her talents to make paintings and a business with her clay figures. Since before I was even born, it was a routine, she'd work and work on making more and more wonderful clayfigures, load them into boxes & we'd help load up a van (and sometimes more) with the dozens and dozens of figures for her to sell at craft fares.

I wish I could list all of the different figures she made, there was so many types and varieties on the types, she was always thinking up new ones. Skaters, ballerinas, families, baseball players, witches & pumpkins, cows, and her largest and most impressive ones; brides and Santa's. She really did it all, she was strong, independent and amazing woman and generous person.

She was a wonderful mother who cared deeply for everyone, wanted to do everything she could to help. She raised my brother, sister and with love, encouragement for our passion, interests, our art. She was the best, she always was positive about art, her kids and life.

And she was robbed of all that.

My family and I worked together to help her be as comfortable and safe as possible over the years. Our lives became entangled in this, care-giving for her. It's been the hardest time of our lives, I'm not sure it's going to be any easier.

Because of the pandemic, we can't even have a service. All we can do is make some phone calls and ...a post like this. I apologize to everyone.

I'm sorry to deliver this news to you all. I never wanted to discuss it but. . .It feels like the time to let others know what has been going on and what has happened today.

Today, Jan 6th 2021 we all say goodbye to Linda Girardin. Mother of three, husband to Richard. A talented artist, wonderful woman and she will be missed.

Thank you mom for everything you've done for us, Rest in Piece.


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I'm sorry for you loss.